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  1. I asked my derm & pharmacist about the best time to take the pill if it's once a day. The both said that the drug reaches it's peak after around 8 hours & they prefer you too be awake when it is peaking, although you can take it at night if the side effects are too bad. I stick to the morning or after lunch. If get bumped up to two a day I'll go with AM & PM.
  2. I just noticed the back itchiness after I read your post! Annoying! My derm didn't say to avoid alcohol completely, just drink in moderation... I only plan on having a few tonight & won't mix the drinks like I used to... Keep the faith!!! Peas'n'Luv - A
  3. I too find summer worse for my skin. BOOO!!!
  4. I cycle to work in Central London & obviously use a cycle helmet. I tend to break out in the forehead area anyway & I believe the cycle helmet makes this worse. I wash the pad which presses against the forehead regularly but it seems make little difference. Does anyone know if any way of lessening this effect, maybe by using a bandana underneath the helmet or something? Cheers guys...
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    25 years, 10 with acne
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    Here goes
  7. I understand Sal acid refines the skin & can help scars. Not an expert though. I've been using BP & SA products for 1.5 years with some sucsess. I find that diet & lifestyle pays more of a part. I'll use the meds & be fine most of the time. Cheers
  8. Will do, Ive suffured with acne for just over 10 years & have now found some good products that help. Hope your study goes well.
  9. I'vebeen using products fromn the Acne treatment Clinif for 1.5 years & this is what I use: AM 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash Extra Streangth Cleanser Moisteriser/ SPF 30 sunscreen if I'm no where near the sun (quite often in London!!) 5% Sal acid 10% BP Medication PM 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash Extra Streangth Cleanser 5% Sal acid 10% BP Medication I use their masks occationally & have even worn their fake tan (brown, not orange) & make up which are great! I still get some breakout
  10. Hey, I've been using products from the Acne Treatment Clinic with some sucsess for around a year & a half & was wandering if anyone has used their products. They have a bunch of products, of which I use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash, Extra Streangth Cleanser, 5% Salicylic Acid, 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Medication. I also use their SPF 30 sunscreen & moisteriser which is FAB. The products are not cheap, but last a long time (I spend around 30-40 UK Pounds per month + shipping from Californi