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  1. Well met and welcome to the org carpe! Hope you find everything you need here.

    1. I'm actually quite good at attracting women. When I'm clear I'm quite successful. But when I'm broken out, there's absolutely no doubt that it shuts me down completely. People can barely look me in the face.
    2. A whore? Honestly, if I was her I probably would have done the same thing. Why settle for ugly?
    3. I'm sorry to unload this on the forum and normally never do this, but I feel noone else can really understand how I feel. I'm 28 years old now, and have had acne for about 10 years. I'm literally in tears as I write this. For as long as I can remember, I've fought this off emotionally and have been super positive and outgoing with my friends. I talk with girls and try to think of it as a non-issue. Most people would NEVER think I have any self - confidence issues. The truth is I'm utterly