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  1. Im using BP at night for 30 seconds to a min, wash it off, and apply my clindamycin pads and gel. Does anyone know how long it takes for results with BP? Im not seeing anything yet and ive been using it for close to a week or more.
  2. k. I put the BP on for a minute, washed it off, waited 2-3 mins, put on clindamycin. Im going to use the pads only since i like them better. Can I use them morning and at night without the gel? or is the gel stronger? ty.
  3. My doc said to use the pads only at night and use the gel every morning and night. And it is a wash. So I rinse it after 30-60 seconds (or do I not rinse it), then put the clindamycin on immediately?
  4. Sorry bro, I am not sure. Also, regarding my situation, you may be wrong. I believe I use the BP first and leave it on for 30 seconds to a minute, then put the pad, wait 5-10 mins, then apply the gel. BP kills the bacteria and dries your pimples out, so wouldn't it make sense?
  5. Are you sure 15 seconds is enough? I would think it would take 5-10 mins for it to soak in.
  6. Yeah true... When I apply it, It goes into my skin. Is it necessary to wash off after 15 or so seconds like you said or should I not wash it off at all?
  7. So when should I use it...before the pad and the gel, or...?
  8. How should I be applying it? 1) Put the BP on for 15 minutes, then do the pads then gel? 2) Do I wash the BP or no?
  9. I'm a male with a bit of acne all over my face and blackheads with a few scars....I've been checking the threads out but as a male, I am not sure what products to get from DrugFair (my store around here). It seems very confusing as Ive never experience with it before. Does anyone have any tips