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  1. Wow, its been along time since I have posted a log. The reason is because my hard drive crashed and I had to buy a new one. I have also gotten out of my routine and desperately need to get back in it. Anyway I am going to log tonight.
  2. sounds to me like a lot of those things are just excuses (not wanting to cut my hair, too lazy to get a license...)
  3. Log Two What I ate today: No Breakfast For lunch - some of that turkey and vegetable soup with 2 pieces of cornbred For Supper -same thing Bag of popcorn Nachos and Cheese Bag of M&Ms What I drank: 1 cups of Sunny Delight 2 Bottles of Water 1 cup of hot chocolate Pills: 1 B-complex 1 Zyrtec 2 Apple Cider Vinegar 2 Flax oil 1 Biotin 4 Vitalert 2 Erythromicin 1 Vitamin D MB: None Shower: Night Morning: Washed off Honey-Cinnamon mask with Acne.org cleanser then applied apple cider vinega
  4. Oh well, if it works then some people are willing to pay the price for whatever type of side effects they get.
  5. I tried it last night and washed it off this morning then applied my apple cider vinegar, and wow, does my skin feel good, its not oily at all today and all my pores seem to be reasonably smaller. Plus all my active pimples came to the top so they are almost ready to pop or go away. I am gonna continue this if it keeps working. The only problem was sleeping, I had to tell myself before I went to sleep that I couldn't roll over and it was really uncomfortable but I think it was worth it.
  6. LOG ONE What I ate today: For breakfast 1 chocolate poptart. For supper Turkey scrap soup with just about every kind of vegetable you can think of in it. W/ a piece of cornbread I am on break from school so I am not using very much energy and thus not as hungry. Drinks: 1 Diet Pepsi MAX 2 Bottles of Water 1 Cup of Sunny Delight Pills: 1 B-complex 1 Zyrtec 1 Apple Cider Vinegar 1 Flax oil 1 Biotin 4 Vitalert 1 Erythromicin 1 Vitamin D MB: Once Shower: Night Morning: Washed with Clean
  7. to bad the water here isnt safe to drink, all our city water is is recycled sewer water
  8. Do you mix the tea tree oil with the acv or do them seperatly?
  9. Im 15 and I have really bad acne and have tried dozens of topical solutions but have never tried a diet other than substituting all my drinks with water for a couple week that that helped a little but not a whole lot. I am strongly considering telling my mom to go get me a bunch of apples so I can try this. Im definitly not going to do the enema thing. Right now I am taking Zinc, a Multi Vitaman(Vitalert), Vitamin D(not for acne), Erythromicin(dr prescribed for acne),and a zyrtec(allergies) ever
  10. I am starting this log for mainly myself but I would LOVE it if people would post and help me out. I am going to start keeping a log of the things I eat, the amount of sleep I get, when I excersize etc. Basically anything that could affect my acne. Now here is a little background info. I am 15 years old and have had acne since I was 12. I have very sensitive,pale, and oily skin. I guess my acne could be considered moderate but I would say severe. The only thing I get is white heads, never blac
  11. I was just wandering, should this be used to replace another moisturizer or with it? The reason I am asking is cause I noticed that my skin is still flaky in the morning even after using it at night. But then again its the same way with the acne.org moisturizer.
  12. I just read about it last night and put it on then and this morning I woke up and the inflammation on my face has went down considerably. I cant wait to see what it continues to do.
  13. I have just read all the reviews and I think I am gonna try it. Right now I am on the DK regimen with the acne.org cleanser,benzoil peroxide, and the moisturizer but it is drying my skin out so much and the moisturizer isnt helping that much so I think I am gonna start using urine after I put the Benzoil Peroxide on instead of the moisturizer
  14. Is this a joke? If so its stinkin hilarious, but if not I cant help
  15. I have been on the regimen for about 17 days and my skin is flaky and looks worse than it ever has in my life. Right now I am trying my hardest to get through it cause I have read that most people go through this when starting the regimen. But, wow, it stinks. I went to school the other day and had people make fun of me cause my skin was flaky.