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  1. i had mild/severe acne & scarring months back and had macrodermabrasion done (around may/march) and it dramaticly improved my skin, i would hear from my friends and family how much of a difference it made and it was sweet. it wasnt clear 100% but it was alot better i'd say around 75% - 80%. well this past summer i enlisted in the military and went to bootcamp by the time i'd come back my acne just flared up and went crazy. all those weeks outside not cleaning my face, etc. i turned to macrod
  2. http://www.oratin.com/index.htm came across the site few seconds ago.. sounds alot safer and as good as accutane but of course they'll say that about their own product so im wondering if any of you tried/heard of this product.
  3. golfballer


    http://www.oratin.com/index.htm came across the site few seconds ago.. sounds alot safer and as good as accutane but of course they'll say that about their own product so im wondering if any of you tried/heard of this product. /edit sorry about this, just did some research and found out it dosnt need prescription. mod delete this please
  4. just a question have you guys tried/ever heard of some sort of acupunture for acne? my moms doctor said it would help.. before i think about trying it out i just wanted to ask/make sure its safe and wouldnt flare up any acne.
  5. more serious acne as in active acne? i have redmarks and scars on my cheeks and jaw-line. their slowing fading away i mean real slowly im wondering if this kit would speed things up or at least try to even out the color a little bit.
  6. hi i have a couple of questions. i have a lot of red marks that arnt fading as fast as i wish it would so i think ill try this out but im not sure of a couple of things. so basicly the vinegar i have in my kitchen cabinet that is used for foods/etc is what you guys are talking about right? i cant see myself putting that on my face because of the smell, i read here that you guys have it on for 15-30 minutes. what tips do you have on how to put it on and the smell?
  7. golfballer

    Ramp up dosage on 10%bp

    ive been using 10%bp for a LONG time and im just saying from personal experience. if you know your skin can handle the maximum % for bp (10%) ramp up the dosage slowly. if my skin was that of a normal persons the amount of 10% bp i put on at night would murder my skin. currently i apply 1 layer to cover the complete face overnight and apply a 2nd layer to really troubled spots. i dont notice anything bad besides the little spot treatments i do to the small acne spots around my neck-jaw area.
  8. golfballer

    So how's my acne? Pics included...

    wow... i feel bad about my acne now after reading through this.. dude your skin is what i'd expect mine to look like if my skin was 99% clear. like someone above said, dont worry about it
  9. i thought emu oil was to fade red marks and scars, but for moisturizing?
  10. i saw that on the shelves also, its SA so im gonna wait till i run out of the c&c blackhead cleaning scrub then buy the advantage cleaner.
  11. golfballer

    neosporin scar solution sheets

    Jan Brady method? whats that.. as for vaseline, you mean its for concieling scars or slowing healing them.. also i wanted to see if anyone had any luck with the neosporin scar sheets because they are way expensive. im also wondering how you/your going to apply them on.. like do you cut out the patch so it perfectly coveres your scars? cause like i mentioned in the first couple posts their really big (size of your hand, more or less)
  12. its just big acne companies making 10% bp now. i saw it at the store also.. after clean & clear put out their 10% bp gel clearasil has theirs out. i have alot of improvement and consistancy from using c&c 10%bp persagel10, i'd guess the clearasil one works just as well. one thing i did notice while i was at my drugstore today was the clearasil one is alot smaller than the c&c tube. also watch out when using 10%bp it can burn your skin causing major redness and itching if your ski
  13. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=30704 i saw the same ad and i went to the loreal site to look about it, i posted it in the scar forum to see if any of them has heard about it..
  14. i saw an ad on it and went to the site to see what it was im wondering if anyone has anyone tried this yet? and also while looking through cvs skincare products i saw ScarSof Scar Softening Cream it has emu oil and i read about that somewhere on the boards so i know it would help with scars right?