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  1. I use the Euserin redness relief cleanser and it seems really gentle on my skin. I have looked around at products and a lot will have that ingredient, just watch out for lauryl sulfate that is the really bad one. If you go to the mild to moderate acne forum there is a really good topic on the don't for buying products that I found really useful, go take a look at it, it's posted by SnowQueen.
  2. Have you been using an expholiator? Depending on what it is (could be dry skin or even remaining face wash?) I would suggest maybe getting an expholiator and the one I use that is gentle and pretty good is the nivea energizing face scrub for men, it's ok for women too! You should expholiate like 2 times a week or so. Hope this helps!
  3. I have the same problem, my hair is so thin and after a day or two it gets pretty oily and so flat! I do try to round brush blow dry in the mornings and it helps it get some volume and stuff but I dont know at all about the oily issue and i would like some tips too! Also when I shower at night I usually let my hair dry before bed but when I get up in the morning my hair is like straw! I dont get it! I have to wet it with water or something and try to get it to look right but it's like I get craz
  4. I actually used to use the Neutragena oil free acne wash and it was good at first but then I started breaking out pretty bad and had to switch to something else. It's possible it could have been something else because I was using the Neutragena 3 in 1 Acne Stress Control stuff too but I liked it and thought it was working...not sure. I havn't actually used the apricot scrub on a daily basis (I have randomly when staying at other peoples houses) but from looking at the ingredients and comparing i
  5. I do as well, it sucks. There should be a group...I think it's an epidemic!!!
  6. I used proactive about 2 years ago and at first after the initial breaking out then clearing up part it was all good and i was acne free but once I ran out and got a new kit it suddently stopped working for me and i did the whole thing every night. I've read other postings about it working for so long then stopping so personally I think Proactive is a scam that is only popular because it has celebrity endorsement and works initially. I have also talked to some who swear by it but I think they we