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  1. I have about 4 spots at any one time - these are whiteheads 99% of the time. However, across my face (mainly on the cheek and chin area) are loads of red marks. These aren't acne scars/marks, as I haven't had any severe acne in the areas where they appear. They are also flat, so they don't appear to be active spots like the ones I usually get. Sometimes, though, if I attempt to squeeze the area - some puss may come out. But this doesn't count for all the red marks. So what are these smooth,
  2. Basically, I want a moisturiser which will help my acne, but I am torn between: The Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion. & Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cream-Gel. The main ingredient in the former is tea tree oil; whereas, the main ingredient in the latter is lactic acid (although it says it's anti-bacterial as well). Which would be the best to help acne and wouldn't break me out? Bear in mind that I use a Salicylic Acid face wash and I recently came off Benozyl Peroxide so I may need an anti-bacterial
  3. Thanks for your advice, but I am probably more looking for a gel-like treatment product as opposed to a moisturiser/cleanser which I already have and work quite well.
  4. I've tried BP, Salicylic Acid and so on and I find them too irritating and I don't like how BP is supposed to alter the skin. I believe my acne is gradually improving with age (I am 22) and I just want something that will aid this and prevent breakouts while I am improving - and not something that may hinder this process like BP. What can people suggest for something: - That is effective at preventing and treating breakouts. - Isn't irritating, doesn't cause redness and won't alter the skin or
  5. Having spent a couple of years on Benzoyl Peroxide - I've given it up because it no longer does much for my spots, and I felt it made my skin more oily. I think my acne is mostly hormonal, so I just want to wait it out and use a simple regime without loads of chemicals. As I have suffered from quite a big post-BP breakout and to control my spots generally, I have been looking for an acne-specific face wash and moisturiser (which is all I intend to use - no overnight gels or anything). I have
  6. I get very oily skin that just goes nasty if I don't wash it. I am tempted to stop washing with the exfoliating acne scrub that I have been using on my face twice a day. Would washing with tap water twice a day (once in the morning for shower and before bed) help? Also, did any of you have really oily skin when doing this?
  7. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience of Dan's BP making a beard or stubble change colour.
  8. But would going from 1 pump to 2 pumps really make any difference in terms of acne?
  9. I've been using Dan's BP for quite a while, and I have never used any more than 1 pump on my face, sometimes a bit less. I usually just spread that into the problem areas with my finger. I guess I felt that a lot of BP made my skin quite red and dry, so I have just got into the habit of using 1 pump and not rubbing it all over my face. I imagine my skin has got used to BP now, so it could probably handle 3 pumps without a bad reaction. Also, sometimes I felt that using too much BP made my skin
  10. I have been taking Zinc for about 2 years now. For several months it helped my acne, but I think it's just habit now. I think the Zinc has been interfering with other nutrients in my body, and I have been experiencing fatigue, insomnia and brain fog. I came off the Zinc for a week and these symptoms seemed to improve; however, my acne got a little worse so I came back on. I want to permanently come off Zinc but I am scared of a worsening of my acne. Does anyone know anything about stopping Zin
  11. Hi, I've been using Dan's BP for about a year now and it is working well for my acne. However, it does appear to make my face quite red. This redness isn't necessarily sore - just red. How can I continue to reap the benefits of Dan's BP, but lose the redness? Can I use the BP every other day instead of once a day (as I have been doing) - would this reduce redness? Would it still keep my acne clear?
  12. I too would like advice on this.
  13. Of course, but nothing I have personally tried is as light, sensitive on the skin and effective as the Acne.org treatment. And you can also buy it in the large tubs; whereas, most BP comes in small tubes.