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  1. hey guys, so after reading a lot of posts on dermaroller i finally decided to order myself a kit. i am of afro-caribean ethnicity, hence i got brown skin.. so i was just wondering wether or not dermaroller would be ok for me to use without futhering my scaring and giving me hyperpigmentation. right now i have pretty bad hyperpigmentation and was wondering if the dermaroller could treat this or would it possibly worsen it i would really really appreciate some Responses!!!!! thnx
  2. yep it sucks that you see sum1 u love suffering from acne and cannot do anything about it, seeing as your from the uk, has she seen her GP about this?, i would say she should do that, firstly they would prescrible her some antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide, which might not help, (in my case it didnt), but still u never know.....and then if all else fails then they would refer her to a dermatologist , who can then possible put her on accutane, depending on how severe her acne is (i dont know) o
  3. i would tell this girl i really love and care for how i feel about her, without thinking i might be good enough for her.
  4. well to get your derm to speed up your process, you can exagerate your feeling about your acne and hope for sympathy, altough i very much doubt they would care..other than that, i think thats pretty much your only hope, i dont understand why u would need to wait 3 months, when i saw my derm the first time she gave me accutane that very day...i didnt even see her after that, i was dealth with by a nurse since...so maybe you should enquire as to why u have to wait so long. Also you might want to
  5. try use dans Regimen on that and see how it works for u...use the AHA+ as well
  6. i cosign what people said about accutane, i took it and it cleared my acne, however you have to understand it comes with risks. i dont know wether it will adversely affect u like it did to me as got scars now and am suffering from depression, however i think the depression might not even be accutane related, i might just be depressed because of the scars and a somewhat 'not what i want' quality of life......saying that, accutane was great, if u can bear with it....at least now i stare people in
  7. honestly i wish there was a perfect answer to give you as to 'Acne and God', but there is not...it is extreemely difficult to have acne aswell as trust in God, ive just finished a phase of Acne, im 19 and had it since i was 15ish.....i cannot say that my life is the same as i expected...my confindence has shrunk ETC, but one thing you must ask youself is how strong your relationship is with God for you to think that, Bible says '[without faith it is impossible to please God', you have to have yo
  8. hehe i thought i was odd...i get some tiny rash looking things at times, but dont know what they areeeee!...how to get rid off??
  9. Solitude Solitude A dark road, with many friends Loneliness, boredom and names along that trend Walking down the dark road Nothing to hear, nothing to see, nothing to feel You’re alone. Knock on the doors No one’s home Pick up the phone, just a silent tone Look to the left, look to the right No one’s there Just yourself and thin air Soon you hear Whispering, and it gives you hope You search and search but no one’s there Just your mind laughing at you Solitude in My heart, oh solitu
  10. wikipedia - 'Slaves are held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and are deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to receive compensation ' i was thinking today right...that, surely we are slaves...to a certain degree...and our master is acne.....we decide to go out wwhen it gives us the ok!...(as in fewer pimples).....we decide to act in the manner our master tells us to....we decide to talk to who our master lets us talk to.....our master says st
  11. haha i hate the 'drink 8 glasses of water a day' stuff and they say it with such certainty...im thinking to myself ivee tried 18 glasses a gay ....EPIC
  12. i rly cant think of an example to give right now, but its basically as if...i feel the need to be so nice to people, because if i am not then they wont like me..... for people without acne its that...they are just themselves..and are either liked or not liked...but i feel i somewhat have to make an effort to be liked..hence being too nice it definitly is a good thing to be nice..but its feels sad when people exploit that nice'ness..