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  1. feel ya, seems like nothing ever works and we ar stuck with this shit forever. only time will tell if we were wrong or right.
  2. well its been 5 more years or so since my post here as "haahahaha" or whatever. still no progress. seen the derm on and off. maybe he is right and i have Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which basicly means i have INCURABLE ASS ACNE. terrible. why do i have this crap?
  3. ^^ IF true then the world would be maniac.
  4. but for people that have 1000 infected cysts (though im not one of them anymore) this person is very dramatic and almost offensive to write in such a way: I CANT STOP CRYING!!!!! I DONT WANT TO INFECT IT!!!!! I DONT WANT A HOLE IN MY FACE!!!! IT STILL HURTS!!! I THINK THERE IS ANOTHER WHITEHEAD ABOVE IT THATS MAKING IT HURT!!! about 1 little zit in a forum called severe acne. this is not severe , its 1 pimple. by now it is gone and the person doesnt eeven know about it. i think personally
  5. EHhhhhh..... theres ONLY 1 small pimple on your face. you should be lucky & stop crying.
  6. Hi, It's embarassing but i have inflamed acne on my buttocks. Did a couple rounds of antibiotics and accutane but didnt work. This time the derm. put me on prednison... any of you have experience with that? The list of side effects and stories I read is scary. Am put on it for 2 weeks 30 mg, then 2 weeks 20 mg... en then a cuople of weeks 10 mg... the derm said could be done for up to a year...... im scared. Also what I never understood is, imagine if a drugs like this "calms acne down" won'
  7. you have exactly the same scars in the same spots as me.. as for the brown spots , they are already fading, cant you see the light color they have? within 3 months they are gone. and then you probably start worrying about the scars... but hey, its best to just forget about it and move on.
  8. jesus... one small red spot. man... i hate posts like this one.
  9. probably boxscar. will fade a small bit in time, but remains visible for life.
  10. pet


    yea im taking accutane 2nd course. right now. yes my skin is really dry. its irritating as hell. if i talk the whole area around my mouth gets white and flaky.
  11. what sort of comment is this ;s its like the people that say people with acne eat a lot of chocolate or never wash.