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  1. Right now I am using Carleys clear and smoothe and that is all. I will see how this goes. I will keep you all updated. Thanks
  2. I shall give this regimen a shot. I have a lot of other regimens ahead of this one so I just popped it in the line. If none others work, I shall give this one a try. Thank you for the product reccomendations.
  3. Hey guys. Thanks for the comments. The only Benzoyl Peroxide I am getting is from the Proactiv cleanser. I am however using Sacrylic acid. I use Neutrogena 2.5 Sacrylic Acid acne wash. I am also taking in about 5 gramds of B-5 a day. I am waiting for my Carleys Cear And Smoothe to come in the mail. If none of these work, I will give Dans regimen a go.
  4. I am surprised to see that so many people get cleared with these over the counter medicines. None of these products ever clear me. I will try it all again though. I will make a run to the Walmart and get everthing you listed above. Wish me luck!!!
  5. Please do keep us updated on how the accutane goes. Post pictures as well so we can follow along with you.
  6. Hello everyone. I would like to get started on Dan's Regimen. What products woudl you reccomend for it? Yes, I have read it but I was wondering what combination products have worked for you best. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hello. Please do let us know how it turns out for you. Ig you have good results with it, I will give it a shot.
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  9. Hey all. My name is Kevin and I am new here at Acne.org I have been looking through the forum all day today and have decided to take some of the advice that I have seen people give here on on the forums. I have mild to moderate acne. Acne runs in my genes. I have been to several dermatologists and it has not helped me much. I will still be going to a new dermatologist in a couple of weeks. It is a Tulane University dermatologist. Tulane is a well known and well respected univerisity here in