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  1. congratz man! couple questions: 1. which type of accutane were u on? 2. what dosage? 3. how long was ur course? 4. how long did it take for u to see noticeable results? 5. what was ur daily method during ur course? again, congrats! iono how bad ur acne was b4, but it sure lookz like u never had any acne EVER! lol
  2. wow...ur a cutie! congratz on clearing up too, ur skin lookz awesome!
  3. i started gettin dry at the end of the first week-beginning of the second week... i guess it just depends on how long it takes ur bodi to adapt to the medicine.
  4. i was wonderin and askin da same question in my head... my lipz are dry and have been dry since the beginning of week 2 [im currently 15 dayz in] and my face iz riddled with blackheadz and scars, way more than i had b4 so i guess the medicine iz werkin...it should start werkin as soon az the frist or second week.
  5. congrats! hope this Sotret werx just as well for me!
  6. thanx so much sexydoll125! i appreciate it veri much. rite now im using Cetaphil with SPF 15 and i love it!
  7. anyone get that annoying peeling on and around ur nose? that shit az ANNOYING lol...whut do u use to get rid or diminish it?
  8. good luck homie, i started last week on wednesday so im pritti much new to this medicine too [sotret 40mcg]. keep the faith!
  9. One more question...i smoke (tobacco) occasionally. Will this in any way increase side affects or hinder Sotret's effectiveness?
  10. thanx f*ck_me. I did read that but i asked because I've been seeing alot of thingz on this board that arent anywhere in the pamphlets but seem to be working for alot of people. On Tuesday, I took both @ dinner, On Wednesday I took both with lunch, and yesterday I took one @ breakfast and one @ dinner...now I will just continue like I did yesterday and follow that pattern throughout the remainder of my course. Anyone else have any answers/suggestions to any of my questions?
  11. Oh, i forgot to mention that I'm on Sotret 40mg and I take one in the morning and one with dinner. Three quick questions though: 1. I'm hearing alot of controversy about the taking of the pills with fatty foods vs. it doesnt matter if u take it with fatty foods. What do you guys do, and does it really matter? 2. Does it matter if I take both pills together with one large meal, or should I split them apart with two seperate meals? 3. Does it matter if I switch the times I take Sotret each da
  12. Hello everyone, I've been reading this forum alot before I signed up today to see what you guys have to say about this medicine and I've seen alot of success stories and logs so I'm anxious to see what this medicine will do for me. - I've had severe nodular/cystic acne ever since i was about 16 - Tried almost anything I could get mi hands on (home remedies, topicals, antibiotics, even the heavy hitters like Proactiv, AcneFree, etc.) - Nothing seemed to work, and if it did, it was extremel