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  1. What about this guys: Let’s do the opposite. Let’s masturbate 3 times a day for a month just to see how worse or better it can get?
  2. Have you been like having a crush on someone here just because you like the way that person is or simply because you think that he/she is so cute that specially inspire you to keep going sort of thing? Let me hear what you guys have to say about this?
  3. Hola Roberto! oh my god you are a live proof what a diet and commitment can do. Keep the hard work, so your skin looks simply amazing man! well done!
  4. WTF ! are you kidding me, this is like seeing food and you are hungry and not to eat! Forget it!
  5. I can't get enough of myself... I have to do it every day, every second! It feels so good woa!
  6. every day, twice a day with no day off. No acne, no pimples. Thank You Dan!
  7. I think you guys will find answers to your questions here! http://www.masturbationpage.com/asmfaq1.html
  8. there is not such a thing, you man stop touching yourself so rough and in a few days those bumps will be gone!
  9. ok man that sounds like you are touching too much yourself (you know what I mean) don't be too rough and it will go away!
  10. Masturbating does not cause acne. Masturbation is a perfectly healthy activity. Some people may worry that masturbation is harmful because they've heard myths or stories — but they are not true. In fact, masturbation is one of the body's most effective ways to relieve stress. Puberty is a time when hormones stimulate change in all parts of the body. Both guys' and girls' sweat glands will produce greater amounts of sweat and oil glands will produce greater amounts of oil. As a result, acne â€