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  1. So i used to get acne on my cheeks so i got on accutane. it cleared about 80% i would say but now (7 months later) the past month or so my face has returned to being greasy but instead of acne coming back on cheeks, its now on my jaw line, its a bunch of red blochs and its kind of like acne moved down from my cheeks to my jaw line and im quite annoyed of it. is it normal? is it time to switch up my regimen, or should i get on accutane again?
  2. 1. everyone is different on treatment, i saw results slowly all throughout treatment. 2. The medicine will only effect your liver while on the medicine, after everything will be fine. 3. like i said everyones treatment is different, you may or may not neeed a second course, most likely you will not though. 4. drink all you want after the treatment
  3. i drank the same stuff while on accutane, u should be fine :]
  4. ive gone from antibiotics to accutane. i had no intial breakout, first day for me face felt pretty greasy, after that it just improved slowly... point is, im pretty sure initial breakouts are only for severe/moderate acne. you will be just fine :] hope this helps, good luck
  5. I had the same questions when i was on it, even though it may seem like your breaking out while working out on accutane it is only temporary flare ups, continue to work out and do what you want to do. accutane is serious stuff, it doesn't mess around ;] a lil testosterone is no match for accutane :]
  6. Accutane is the only product made to cure acne for good, i just got off of it like 5 months ago, it basically just takes out all the redness of your acne. What is your age? cus age and body type are main factors in finding out if your acne should clear for good....
  7. Dude, i had like the same exact acne story, i was in the exact same boat you were in. my senior year was beginning i still had some acne here and there, wasn't bad acne, i just got sick of looking at it. i got on accutane, it did its job, didnt completely clear but it looked alot better then it did... which is its job :] so i was happy. wound up having best school year of high school, had full confidence throughout the year. people say they are depressed and what not on accutane, Not for me...th
  8. Im no professional but my guess is Now that the accutane destroyed your facial pores, the oil and grease that originally caused your acne is finding new places to erupt and reak havoc :/. hey at least they ain't on your face though
  9. hi, i have taken accutane once before and it worked pretty well, wasn't quite satisified. after a about 5 months my acne is starting back up again, i think i wanna get back on it. The thing is... i am moving out of state for college in about 3 weeks. What would happen if i get on it and i move... like would i have to change dermatologists when i get there? and if i wait and try to get on it after i move i run the risk of the new dermatologist not letting me get on accutane.. has anyone ever had
  10. I ate four hours before my 3rd month bloodwork. a small chicken sandwich with a liter of water. then i worked out intensly. then i gave blood. do you think my blood fat levels will be high?