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  1. this a joke? i cant judge you (as a guy) but id cash out a g to have a face as clear as yours forever
  2. i think he's referring to vegitarianism as a possible cause of acne, but im not 100% sure..
  3. are you dumb of course the prices are going to be different in a country such as India.. two completely opposite cultures/political systems/ and economies... just be happy you live in America even if we have to pay 20x as much as them for accutane..
  4. to be honest im not sure about the science of zinc and how or why it works, but as soon as i began taking it i started to see a slight decrease in acne..
  5. does that lotion you put on in the morn. contain any sun block? if not, i'd recomend you apply like a 15-30 spf mostierizer in the morning..
  6. u mean proactive has pee in it? no it doesn't dummy.. it contains urea which is present in urine.. but f*ck jessica simpson and her bull shit false advertising
  7. you CAN but you WONT unless you've tried other prescribed topical treatments and antibiotics and your body hasn't responded.. accutane is the LAST resort...
  8. i mean honestly.. if accutane worked for you, i'm sure it will work for them too.. but browse the forums there's various potential solutions...
  9. i have no clue what this topic is about but you are one good looking female..
  10. How bad was your acne? mild..moderate..severe? That's funny that your regimen is the same as mine. I have been looking for someone who took/taking the same dosage as myself. I'm also taking supplements too, 2 fish oil pills and 1 vitamin E a day. What did you take that you felt helped you while on the drug? AND THANKS IN ADVANCE! i took 1 gram of fish oil 50 mg of zinc & 50 mg of b6 all together at night right after a meal... IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY FOR ME!!!
  11. i mean im sure its okay.. but i wouldn't recomend it.. just let the accuatne do its job the proactiv isn't going to speed the process or give you better results so why even bother..
  12. 1-2 months were a bitch 3 months things were significantly improving 4 months stopped getting new pimples 5 months working on getting rid of scars still no active pimples... and by the way my regime is EXACTLY identical to yours (except im taking couple supplements)
  13. yup that somes it up for you right there accutane is a f*kin bitch on the back its terrible...
  14. yup i feel u on that one fer sure... just today i was thinking about that actaully.. when i go into the sauna then jump into the pool my face freaks out and turns an embarassing ass red.. luckily no one i know goes to my gym haha