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  1. I agree with jrhodes870 on the topic that doing nothing is not a good idea. About 10 months ago I had mild acne. I was reading these forums and discovered the "miraculous" water only regimen. I did that for about 2 weeks and it changed my mild to moderate acne. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me retin a and doxycycline 100mg. I have been using both since Sep. 11, 2008 and have gotten a complete turnaround on the condition of my acne. I am safe to say that I am close to being clear,
  2. Hurray for winterbreak. Took my last exam today. Its time to hibernate for winter.
  3. Hmmm maybe i should up my dosage. I still get small formations that go away fairly quick. But sometimes they like to leave a red mark. My face has already been drier though since I don't moisturize at night anymore. As for having to move up past 1%, I wouldn't worry about that. It sounds like you have been pretty clear lately so that is definitely a positive note. Who knows, maybe we will grow out of it and never have to use Retin again. I haven't read about people moving up, but I can se
  4. Ahh I hate cold sores :/ I always poke em with my tongue, which obviously won't make it better. Good to hear that ACV is working on those redmarks. I have quite a few myself, but I am just going to let them heal naturally. Yay for modern medicine!
  5. Hey Soapy, Why did your derm up your dosage? Was it starting to lose effectiveness? I haven't been back to the doctor yet. Although, I have gotten 2 refills on my Retin-A. Just an educated guess here, but I would not think that upping the dosage means getting another IB. If your already clear and continuing to use Retin then I would assume that your body is clear of all the P. Acnes bacteria. Plus, the retinoid just pushes out the stuff that was going to come out anyway and if you are cle
  6. I was planning to continue Retin-A indefinitely (well until I think I am grown out of it). I will probably end up using it every other day or every 3 days. Good news that you are doing well. I have been making progress still. Not completely clear, but less frequency and less severe. I am wondering if there are long term effects of using Retin A. The fact that the skin has less layers than usual concerns me for the long term. Anyway, thanks for the update and wise advice.
  7. Hey Joker! It feels like ages since I have been on the boards. I recently moved into my new place in Anaheim. Hope you are doing well. It seems so from your log. I am almost clear from the use of retin-a. In my fourth month now. I will try to come back more often. See ya.
  8. Finally updated a month later Soapy/Joker you still around?
  9. Updated. Been really really really busy with school. Can't wait til December when we get off.
  10. Don't worry Soapy I think it will be fine Stop stressing!
  11. Hey Brittany, Just would like to wish you luck on your regimen against our curse that we wear as a mask. You probably already know that your condition will get worse before it gets better, but I am just reaffirming that fact. I am in my 7th week of Retin A .025% and Doxycycline 100mg x2/day and am unfortunately still breaking out. Granted the breakouts aren't as big and long lasting as they were before. I hear some people take longer than two months before real improvements start to be seen.
  12. Everyone's skin is different so that is why I believe I need to moisturize right out of the shower. If I wait 10-20 after I shower, my skin becomes more flaky. I would rather not have to moisturize as I don't want to have my skin be dependent on it, which I think it already is. I hope my log gives you insight on things to come. I believe it is situational in what people experience, to an extent. I hear some people don't peel at all, which I experienced a good amount. I know how you feel
  13. I am pretty much in the same boat as you. Getting active pimples still, but they seem to come to head much quicker. The major breakout I had when I started the regimen is finally gone and most of the marks are fading quickly. I should probably look into the Mama lotion as well. Overall skin is much smoother though. I think we got another month before drastic improvements come, or at least that is what I have read. Good to see your not hiding out. Life is too short to be a recluse. I
  14. Hey Yazgirl, good to hear that you are clear now and have basically conquered acne. I am in my 7th week and unfortunately still getting small zits on my forehead. But, compared to day 1, it is a complete turnaround. To answer one of your question about the hives, I do get them as well, but not as frequent as you have them. Usually they appear right out of the shower, but they go away real quick. B-rit, good luck on your regimen. This topical does work. Just hang in there and see it throug
  15. How come you cut out Retin-A?