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  1. Has anyone tried this of heard of results? I just started using it...i switched from C/C Moisturizer cause it had SA in it. so i now use this in the morning after cetaphil cleanser, and at night after Tretinoin... sound good?
  2. Which one do you guys reccomend is better for a cleanser. My skin can generally be oily during the day but after i wash my face in the morning and night, it can be dry.
  3. i heard that the main difference is that the proactiv cleanser is too irritating
  4. i found this reply on this sort of topic on another forum is this: masturbation and sex end up similiar in that it ends in an orgasm. so if one were to say that masturbation causes acne then your saying sex does too. however, it can aggravate it IN THAT an orgasm fucks with your hormones and that is bad especially if your acne is a hormonal issue
  5. out of curiosity, is a toner really necessary? what does it do exactly?
  6. im in a constant battle in choosing either this or purpose gentle as my cleanser
  7. i actually just saw this product today at longs lol im in california btw
  8. any suggestions please???? BTW, my face does get itchy when i apply the C/C moisturizer so thats why i'm changing it, plus it is SA and I heard its not good with BP
  9. My old: Morn: Kaiser Permanente Acne Wash (BP 5%) Clean/Clear Moisturizer (Salicycic Acid) Night: Dove Soap Tretinoin (0.025%) Clean/Clear Moisturizer NEW: Morn: Either Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser OR Basis Cleanser Face Wash (Which one?) Purpose Dual Treatment Moisturizer Lotion OR Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer (Which one?) Night: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser OR Basis Cleanser Face Wash (Which one?) Tretinoin (0.025%) Purpose Dual
  10. ^^^^^See that's what I thought too. To everyone though, I just realized that my moisturizer has salicylic acid in it, so i have to change that - any reccomendations? And any reccomendations on a good cleanser.
  11. np man thanks though.

  12. thanks all. well, i used dove soap because on the instructions i got for the Tretinoin it said I could use for cleaning my face before i apply the Tretinoin. But do you have any reccomendations for a good cleanser?
  13. yes, I continue to get a pimples here and there; NO i have disciplined myself to not touch my face at all; however it continues to itch a little, even after i use the moisturizer, but i am hesitant to use another routine because i've tried so many things that im afraid my switching from product to product will cause more irritation...
  14. Man I wish I knew, my fault when trying new things is... I try a lot of things at the same time so I don't really know whats working and not. I started using SA and BP latley aprox at the same time as the Zinc and my skin has been very good this last two weeks. I will begin in a month to start quitting products I use in order to see what is working and not. Sorry man.

  15. i saw you use zinc. curious, does zinc supplements help?