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  1. If you are in America, I'm sure you can find a greedy lawyer somewhere and at least be able to force some kind of settlement. Winning is hard but squeezing a few grand out of Roche is not hard. However, people like you are to blame for the many people here who have been looking for, or perhaps NEED Accutane and are unable to afford it. Whatever Roche pays in settlements is just going to trickle down to the patients. If your goal is to block the drug for others then I can say it's unlikely to h
  2. I skipped 5 days without any ill effects. I asked my doctor and it stays in your system for quite some time. I'd say a couple weeks is not going to be a problem.
  3. What's wrong with oily skin? I believe in the long term oily skin is better since your skin would be more likely to age well. Sure you hate the slick now but when you're 40 your dry skined peers would have wrinkles and you'll look like you're 25.
  4. I have to say this is actually the most satisfying part of taking Accutane... watching 'em damn blackheads coming out and being able to rub them off.
  5. I was reading up on triglycerides testing and it seems that normal results for non-fasting triglyceride is 300-400. This is smack within the range of what my results were. I'm hoping this is a large contributor to my results. I don't plan on starving myself the day before my next blood test but I'll certainly eat dinner before 5pm and have a salad or something like that. Anyone here has had good experiences taking fish oil? Is it a good idea to take fish-oil concurrently with Accutane, since t
  6. Did you ask your doctor about it? No but I will tell him this next time. Also this time I'll just skip dinner the evening before the blood test just to be safe.
  7. Hi, Just had my first monthly checkup. I was on 40mg/day before (I weigh 180 lbs). My dermatologist was going to raise my dosage to 60mg but it seems that my triglycerides raised from 190 to 320. So instead he decided to lower my dosage to 20mg. The higher triglyceride could be due to the pizza rolls I had for dinner the night before, but why take a chance. If next month's blood test turns out well, my dosage will be upped. I've been completely clear from a month of 40mg/day Accutane. Will th
  8. Hey missyjean don't worry about missing 2 days, I'm about to miss 5 and that should still be okay. It is a little distracting though, I think I'll ask my derm to try to not miss any pills for me next time 'cause if anything it breaks rhythm. Otherwise your skin looks great! Why'd you have to take Accutane to begin with? You looked fine!
  9. Perhaps the libido increase can be attributed to the newfound confidence from having better skin?
  10. What's with the Asian fetish, good god. I thought only white guys catch Asian Fever.
  11. Wham, I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. Your doctor should not have given you Accutane. Accutane is only for people whose acne does not respond to antibiotics treatment. They're supposed to exhaust all other options before giving you Accutane.
  12. Some say it helps alleviate some of the side effects of Accutane. Some studies show that it does no such thing. Personally I find that when I take Vitamin E, I get some little blackheads and whiteheads. When I'm stop it, my face becomes clear. Individual experiences probably vary. I think most people on this forum take Vitamin E with their Accutane regimen.
  13. You should go see your dermatologist and ask him to do a biopsy of your blemishes. After I developed acne in my scalp when I was 23, (Friggin hurts and I hated going to the barber) my doctor poked a whitehead open and collect the pus to send to lab. It turned out to be acne. But if they are from staph infection the lab will be able to tell.
  14. Hey look, he mentioned urinary tract infection which I also had. If he was taking Accutane, there's a good chance he was taking antibiotics before. I'm not "shoving his problems away from Accutane", but am certainly not shoving it towards Accutane either.