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    check out my gallery, please comment it makes me really happy, honestly<br>http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?act=module&module=gallery&cmd=user&user=8310&op=view_album&album=188
  1. what the hell did you make this thread for this is why acne.org needs more mods, to delete this crap and BAN the creators and i only replied to this because it was on top anyways...wow
  2. ive got butt acne i dont talk about it its also a lot better then my face acne since i dont pick the shit out of it, and no i dont use any topicals though they wud feel nice! ) i just had a sick idea for some reason, it would be a problem for faggots, bufu eww? ok ill stop talking, so stupid of me
  3. i think it has to do with the caps lock key, not sure im sure theres some scientists spending lots of money at random-herbal-instant-cheap-flawless-nonirritating-muscleenhancing-miraculecure.com and spending lots of time photoshoping before/after pics for sulphur treatments and why ITS the devil, and that their hooblajobla herbal miracle cure is better and all natural, just like heroin
  4. when i wake up i make sure every fresh scab is removed, when i get out of school at 2:30 ive got to remove the new scabs from the morning, and before bed all those scabs have to go so i can regenerate nice new ones overnight i dont have acne, i have scabs its sad
  5. in sex chances are face touching would come i would be so horribly embarassed if anyone touched one of my pimples, i coudlnt do it i cringe thinking about it
  6. blade to skin metal to bone she bled that night she died alone ^notice she died alone sucide just kills you, doesnt do anything else not only is suicide stupid and pointless, it also hurts, yay for more pain?
  7. not to mention your weight gain might be hormonal, and your acne is probably hormonal? theres your connection right there! well can weight gain be hormonal? im no fat expert and 5'5 120 is quite below avg i think, im 145 5'5 SKINNNY weakling male, people call me lanky all the time, because i am 110 doesnt seem healthy!
  8. yeah mabye im just some blind loser, but all these people that seem so cool, ive had the opportunity to hang out with a few, and they did far less then it seemed, and of what htey did about none of it was fun. i dont believe in being cool, i believe in being with friends.
  9. I did it. I changed my whole attitude. I wouldnt call it "fake confidence", I would call it something along the lines of "forced confidence". I told myself what to do, to do it right then, and to do it will, and I did. I am now an incredibly confident person. It works, and I'm happier for it.
  10. where else would I be? its the cool thing to do, sit around all day on teh internet because nowone really does anything anymore im pretty sure almost everyone I know is about as much of a loser as me, they dont really do anything, and when they do they tell stories about it all the damn time, so it seems everyone else does so damn much but really the few times they did anything they tell everyone because its so rare think about it, if ur life is of exciting social outings every day, do you go
  11. ok ill try to respond as best i can, but im no chief of emotions ok if you look in the gallery at my sig u can see my acne that was at its BEST wow i wish i could use a time portal i picked every single thing on my face a few days ago, and i basically tore my face apart, obsessive compulsive i have brownish scabs all over my face at the moment, and approx 3x per day i break off every single scab, i have about 20 scabs over my face i am very proud of myself over the past few weeks about my con
  12. im calling Stop Acne via their 866 number on the site, i find that image of the supermodel picture insulting, and by the way that picture is copyright L'Oreal
  13. i use blackhead scrub as both my cleanser and my moisturizer, once in morning and once at night before bp i love it i like it i want more of it? oh shit both my on-the-spot and my c&c scrub bottles are empty
  14. heres an idea, when you get the number say "ok ill call you tommorow evening" and call tommorow evening, once, no pickup? leave a damn message if still no reply the next day call again, message, rinse, repeat