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    Sports, Music, skin care ( obviously ) and health care
  1. thats cool... you said your from Finland right? I've never been there. I've actually never been out of the US except for one time:) I really want to though!

  2. That's quite hot! I'm sure you prefer that over the extreme cold though. At least I often curse the hot summer days and when I look back there it wasn't so bad :). And no, I haven't been to US unfortunately, but I will probably visit there someday when I'm older.

  3. the summers can be pretty nice... but most of the time they are to hot. anywhere from between 27c to 35c :) Have you ever been to the U.S?

  4. The summer is usually surprisingly good here. I'd say about +20c or more is normal after May and it's really sunny. How about there in the US?

  5. i can't wait for warmth! how warm does it get where you live?

  6. Wow that's a lot. -18c here today and I was forced to go out on the morning. One month and it's gonna get warmer and warmer though :)

  7. yesterday it got to be about -23c (-10 f) :( I cannot wait for summer:)

  8. It's like minus 5 celsius here each day or worse and the coldest month is just about to start. Yay for Finland. I wish it was summer. I hope US is a bit better on the weather side :)

  9. how cold is your location, cuz it's freezing where I live?

  10. I barely see any girls with acne since it's probably hidden under makeup. However, I know one girl with quite bad red marks and she's really pretty.
  11. Both are good. I'd say the one where you have your bangs tied to the back looks a tiny bit better though.
  12. It's not a secret that green tea has some positive health effects, it's a good thing to do even if it wont help with your acne directly. Myself I drink organic green tea though, I like the taste over lipton and I guess it's a bit more healthier.
  13. I know this sounds a bit too simple, but just stop caring about what someone else thinks about your looks. It's likely that they would've found some other feature of yours to glare at even if you had perfect skin, just for the hell of it. You shouldn't feel ugly or sad because some extremely superficial person is being mean to you. It's not worth letting some random people ruin your day. I never let myself get emotional over things like that, and I can tell my face is probably worse than yours.
  14. Does it matter? I don't spend my time thinking that someone else might care about my skin. I only find it rather amusing if someone actually is bothered about my skin.
  15. Try not to rely so much on the advice of other people. For example in my case I have found that nuts sometimes break me out and whereas dairy causes no problems for me. Edit: What I mean is, that different diets can affect different people differently