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  1. Are you using aquaphor in your nose? Sounds gross but it worked for me. I took vitamin e 800 IU each day and used aquaphor in my nose (with a q-tip) at night and I could use blow it and get that crap out, and it stopped bleeding. The back pains subsided on my treatment after about 2-3 months and have never come back. I'm done with my treatment actually... finished Jan 19, been off it two months and have had perfect skin since. It's a beautiful thing. Keep the faith.
  2. One month later and my skin is still crystal clear. Have had one spot on my back and it has come and gone. Lips are still quite dry but not as demanding of chapstick as before... nose has stopped bleeding and all other side effects are basically non-existant. From a week ago: Thanks Accutane.
  3. I AM DONE! I am 98% clear - I have two small spots on my face that hopefully will fade... Accutane has been such an amazing experience.... I hated the dry lips, the nosebleeds, the back pain, the sometimes blurry vision... but it has been worth it. Now I can't wait to get my lips back and hopefully a little colour. To those who are interested... here are pictures taken just a week ago, you can see what my skin looks like now... POST Accutane! I am the person on the far right
  4. TMLGirl - I'm staying Thursday through Sunday. I'm gay... so do you have any night club recommendations based on that?
  5. I have never been. Do you live there? Please do share.
  6. Thanks ken and P.R.P (that's funny, that's the initials of the high school that I went to) I am on DAY 130 I can't believe how fast time has already went by.. I keep a little count down here at work on the calendar next to me, I'm so happy... 20 more days to go. I have somewhat bad news... I have three new spots (first in over a month) all around my mouth... nothing that bad and that I can't tolerate... but of course it bothers me because I've had clear skin for a while now... I'm really anti
  7. I have to say I was seriously worried about tanning before I went on Accutane.. I didn't want to lose all my color and look like a ghost. I even contemplated spray on tanning. Im 20 days of shy of being DONE with accutane and I have to say I dont care about tanning anymore. My face has completely cleared up (except a few spots recently) and I'm not even sure I'm going to tan anymore once I get off accutane... seems like I'm content with my skin color now and don't really have the desire to da
  8. Guys, don't argue with idiots. They'll take you down to their level and beat you with experience. Leave us alone Max.
  9. Search the boards for all the answers to your questions - you'll find all these vary with different people. I personally did not have an initial breakout and I use Cetaphil for facewash and CortiBalm for my lips... that with Vitamin E supplements, it's all I use.
  10. I had no additional changes from 40mg to 60mg. I switched after one month.
  11. I really recommend taking Vitamin E - I take 800IU a day and I don't have any dryness besides my lips... maybe it's because my body is adjusted to this (as I'm on day 117) but my face doesn't shed skin anymore... and I hardly use any moisturizers. I try to not touch my face at all. And I like aquaphor but it seems to greasy to me - I've been using CortiBalm my entire treatment and am very happy with it. Best of luck, hope you get improvement!
  12. I had the lower back pain for the first two months... I'm on month four now and the back pain is virtually non-existant.
  13. Day 116 I'm happy to say my face is 100% acne free. Now I'm just hoping that the redness in some spots of my face will fade and everything will looks clear and smooth. It's amazing not having to look in the mirror constantly wondernig if something has come up... I don't fear that walk to my bathroom in the morning anymore. To top it all off... I get to go to Toronto next month for my birthday! 34 days remain...
  14. After reading through a lot of posts over the past few months I've noticed a little bit of a trend in people dating.. and their outlooks in their relationships, and thought I'd share this. I was talking to this lady who was going to nursing school and she is recently divorced. She had finished 2 years of nursing school to get her RN, but her husband was transferred to Oklahoma. He decided for her that his career was far more important and because she figured she "needed" him, she dropped everyt