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  1. ..anything is possible...doctors are not god..you know..., but you should wait until it heals completely..maybe it heals good.. and the best thing is to call the doctor and ask him a question...he might has an answer for you... hope it will heal well..
  2. more like enlarged pore to me...scaring is not that bad..
  3. ..yes your derm is correct..you need to clear your active acne before you get any laser treatments. otherwise, you might end up getting new scars... i have been through the same thing..it is sad but true...
  4. soapy organs... .. ??? anyways...change your derm..he is not nice in general...
  5. ..i totally understand how you feel...and i used to be just like you..." I just want this problem to be over. I just sit at home alone doing nothing when I could be with him." but when i lost my ex-bf, i stopped being like that... it is very natural how you feel...when i broke out and feel insecure, i can't be myself completely around people...and i become very sensitive, and weak..so i just dont want my bf to see me like that. too. because i like him so much.. i want to look best in front of
  6. people can easily find out you are wearing makeup or not...especially girls..also cretin lighting, makes makeup very stand out... but if you are fine with it.., then i think it is okay to wear makeup. and i dont think it will make you gay...if you wear makeup just to cover up your acne/scars... but in general, wearing makeup is very feminine even thought you are gay or not gay...
  7. i can't really see anything...it is best to ask your doctor...hope it is nothing..
  8. i agree...if you dont believe it for yourself...it wont matter...you need to love yourself... but i understand how nocarebear feels...i do, too...and i hate myself when i do it...
  9. i think the fake email will work better...but maybe she knows this site already...who knows...but dont tell her about it face to face...it will surely hurts her..even though she won't show it... i am a girl..and i am very sensitive about other people talk about acne...once my friend told me to try some oil free products...and i got so hurt by that...even though i knew she was just trying to help me...i felt embarrassed...and wanted to hide somewhere... you are very nice friend...! she is very
  10. hi again... i think you have enlarged pores...and maybe very mild scaring...but try to use aha...it works for me, especially for my hyper pigmentation...i also use oil free products a lot.. you are not crazy...dont worry...i always acre about my skin, too...first thing i do when i get up every morning is to check my face...i care about lighting... we are in the same boat...org member won't judge you, because you are self conscious about your skin... i got a lot of great advice from them...and
  11. wow..it is simply amazing... your skin looks so beautiful..! i wish you can teach me..! and i pay you by the way, you r so gorgeous! good luck ur tane