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  1. 1) How would you describe your acne and how has it affected your life? -Lots of scarring with random outbreaks (mild to mod?) -Depression / hopeless abt the future / anxiety in social situations -Too much of this external locus of control -Turned down a job offer from a leading, global company because I can't handle interacting with people with my skin condition. I hate myself sometimes. 2) What are your biggest fears regarding pimple growth? -Never going to get better / still be like thi
  2. I'm not really sure what to use anymore. I'm not really sure what I have either. I'm constantly red and whatever I put on will just increase the redness. I'm always tempted to pick at them. My skin is kinda weird, its oily and dry at the same time. I honestly don't know. lol. -I tried pro-activ - it made me peel and itchy. -I tried the aspirin mask but it made it worse. -lemon juice did nothing to my face. -Aveeno irritated my skin. -Shiseido killed me. -I think my skin can't handle SA or BP