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  1. Shed some light on this? I honestly wonder if there's anyone that has successfully gotten rid of blackheads. If so, what kind of regimen do you follow/how long did it take to figure out what works for you?
  2. I figured salicylic acid is pretty useless. What is a better alternative?
  3. I used to use Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub. It used to kind of work, now it doesn't. I have blackheads all over my nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, jawline, my chest, and stomach. The chest ones are recent and I don't understand why they started appearing there. I used to have really bad acne when I was little. I barely ever get acne anymore so now I'm wondering why I'm having blackheads instead... It makes me really self conscious to wear any shirts that are even a little low cut. I really
  4. I'm the same age and have the same problem. I'm wondering the exact same thing and I do hope I grow out of it... :/
  5. Thanks everyone! I'd love anyone else who wants to contribute, please do so!!
  6. This is a little survey. List your skin type (Oily? Dry? Where? T-zone?) What was finally pretty effective for you? (Maybe a brand of something, or what kind of regimen you do.) Or you can just list your skin type
  7. It looks like there are a lot of conflicting replies. All of them are good, though. Very helpful indeed. keep them coming!
  8. I don't really get acne, just around when my period starts. But my blackheads are everywhere. Cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, :/ Ugh.
  9. When I was younger I had really bad acne, eventually the acne lightened up. I'm not sure why. Is it possible for blackheads to do the same? I'm 16.
  10. I've heard they don't work, that they damage the skin. I could be wrong, I would love to find some. I wonder if there will be a way to be rid of these things forever.
  11. I've tried just about everything. Let's start with the basics: I've had blackheads/acne since I was about 12. The acne has significantly gone down. Now I'm after these blackheads which have never gone away.I'm 16 and tired of the "oh you're going though puberty" thing.I have blackheads covering all of my nose, chin, cheeks, chest, forehead, etc.I've used Clean and Clear blackhead scrub, a few homemade remedies, regular squeezing, exfoliating, etc. I have oily, oily, oily skin. After I squeeze