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  1. maybe you should do sports because you'll make a lot of friends plus won't ever have to be home to deal with him.
  2. I think my acne is pretty much on a schedule it's weird and not much i can do to stop it. Basically for last few years it seems to be on an exact routine. I have mild acne and for like 7 days i will be clear(or no new zits) then ill have a breakout of 1-3 zits. It's always in t-zone too never on cheecks. It is almost always that way too. I will start thinking wow i have been clear quite a few days, i guess it's time to expect a few tomorrow and bam they are there. I don't know if it is hor
  3. I wanted to move a lot when i was in 6th grade then i actually did in 8th grade and i missed my friends and old hometown so much in was insane and i eventually moved back but not til senior year. Now that im older i would of handled the situation completely different if i ended up moving or not. I should of joined a ton of sports teams since i look back at HS and the funnest times were playing sports.
  4. It utterly ruins my confidence. I would be completely comfortable dating a really hot girl when i don't have it but when i have a breakout i feel so undeserving of going out with one.
  5. Other the hormones i think it can be the #1 cause. Like if i wear a hooded sweatshirt i might get a zit on my neck or if a piece of cloth is rubbing a part of my face i might get a zit there. So not barrying your face in sheets probably helps make it less worse.
  6. It's good to hear that it's still working for you. A lot of times when people go on products they say "wow im getting clear" but then a week or two later it's back to acne again so really all that happened was they were experiencing the regular routine of being clear then having a breakout. I have had mild acne for a long time and even though it's mild when i get a breakout it totally ruins my day and confidence and is wasting my life. So so tired of it... ill give this stuff a try.
  7. i would get them there when i wore a hooded sweatshirt.
  8. im 21 i thought it was suppose to go away at 18 and it sucks to hear that for the most part it should be gone by 24-25 since at that point new problems can happen like balding and wrinkles depending on genes so there is never a truely easy going time.
  9. i think it would clog pores and make it worse in the long run.
  10. The reason i think it may cause cysts is because it dry's skin and then the skin goes in your pores and clogs it. I was doing so well i had 0 zits for like 2 weeks and now i just got a cyst today which is the most annoying type of zit since it last a long time and hurts. I dunno if it really affects cyst or not though, then again i don't know if anything helps get or takes away acne. It could be 99% hormones. Like i've never got any acne on my cheecks i could rub french fries on them and not
  11. The sun shouldn't affect anything other then make you tanner and your zits less visible. Climate change might effect it though such as dry and cold to hot and humid but you don't need to be in the sun to feel that. But most likely neither effect it and it's just hormones.
  12. Truthfully i don't think diet makes much of a difference. There are people that eat tons of junk food and they don't have severe acne or any acne. I think it is mostly hormones and touching the face and then not taking steps to prevent it like keeping face washed. But most of all it's just hormones and your screwed until they make a cure.
  13. Don't know if you would be still reading here but was wondering if anyone just grew completely out of it. All i read is horror stories of people saying they started getting bad acne at 19 etc. I thought it was suppose to be going away by then not getting worse. I have had mild acne since like 13 and em almost 21 now, so basically like couple days a month my confidence is ruined by a zit then the rest of the month im fine. Anyways, i just want to know if there is any hope at a certain age it
  14. I don't get acne very often but once in awhile i get one and i wanted to get something to touch up the spot so it is unnoticealbe. However when i tried to do this i think i get a cyst which is the big ones with no puss and last a long time because my pore gets clogged. So now whenever i get a zit that is worth doing something about like dabbing it with some dermablend to remove color im too scared to since i could just get screwed over a longer period of time instead of wait for it to be gone
  15. Sucks that people who never had a zit before think it is dirt. A 5 year old can take a shower every 2 weeks and never get a zit but a 16 year old can take a shower 5 times a day and still get them it's all hormones.