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  1. WEEK 7 (October 9th) Everything is fineSpots are staying for longer thoughThe 1 or 2 spots that i do get are less agressiveBody is functioning fineMood is fineNo nosebleeds this weekBut i can fee a flu coming
  2. WEEK 5 (October 2nd) so basically i had my appointment and she said that i will continue with having 40mg for a further 6 weeks. Everything is fineCouldnt have much fun during freshers weekMood is fineOnly had one small pimpleFace is looking slightly clearerNo problems with dryness, just a tad bit around my mouth, no craking of lips or bleeding.
  3. WEEK 5 (25th September) Ive got a large spot actually on my nostril this time ... its hurts bad and i cant wipe my nose either .... but when i look in the mirror i cant really see it which is a good thingOverall dryness has not changed of my face .. no cracking of lips or anythingNo back acheNot played with my mind lolFace looks kinda clearer , marks are less red then they used to me Got my next appointment on 30th Sept ...
  4. OH NO! ... ive got a large red spot by the side of my nose !
  5. good luck mate , im dreading another breakout which is most likely to come soon
  6. WEEK 4 (september 18) Face is much clearerNot had any new spots or anythingOnly had one nosebleedLips still are not craking or anythingMy mood is normalNo joint or back pain
  7. WEEK 3 (September 11th) Only getting a few small/tiny spots here and thereHad a few more random nosebleeds !Mouth area is getting much more dryerLips feel weird .. the skin on top is slightly hard but underneath its still soft , if you know what i mean, not chapped or anything yet ! I havent had any large red spots or whiteheads lately - which is very encouragingNose is quite rough - I can see blackheads coming up (not a pretty sight)Body is functioning well - no back pain , or any joint pain
  8. I just went to another doctor, but at the same surgery. I think the doc that actually game me the referral is old and is getting bored of his job - so he just gives pretty much gives you any medicine which you want . Try get a referral ASAP , because it will take over a month to get an actual appointment . Luckily i found a cancellation using their online 'choose and book' system. So I didnt spend too much time waiting. good luck !
  9. WEEK 2 (September 4th) Skin is noticable more drierwhiteheads are drying out quick and dropping offI had my 1st nosebleed on tuesday !eyes are slightly dryno backpainlips are still normal
  10. I think you can drink but only a limited amount and also not regularly. The person that prescribed me accutane said i should limit drinks to about 2 spirits (jd and coke is my fave). I have no idea how im gonna cope. Ive been invited to a reuinion and i really dont wanna go because my face is in such a disgusting state also people will expect me to be a taxi driver because im not drinking!. I dont know how to tell them im not coming in a nice way . I wouldnt mind telling them but then the word
  11. Started on August 21stIt was such a hassle to get a referral to the NHS, because my doctor claimed he was an dermatology expert, but i felt he was just trying to flog me off with excuses. So i went to another one to get the referral and he gave it straight away. As with everyone else , ive pretty much tried everything else. but they were only temporary solutions. I particularly enjoy going to the gym and taking weight gainers, and preworkout supplements , but unfortunately I have to stop the w