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  1. How's it going for you? Hope you saw some improvements
  2. So, I've decided to really make an effort for the next month or two with regard to my diet and see if my skin improves. I know some of ye have made major changes all at once, but I'm gonna take it step by step, partly because if I make too many changes at once, I'll never keep it up (!) and also because I want to figure out which change will (hopefully) help my skin the most. So since Sept. 1st, I've been taking 1x500mg Vitamin C per day. So far, seeing slight improvement around my chin where
  3. Yes, of course, that's why I use it I've never had a problem with it. I don't think it makes my skin worse....it's very 'clean'. Try it, i think you'll be impressed
  4. Hi kc...do you findn Clinique make-up good in general? I was thinking of trying it..I had Lancome and that was fine, but now it's getting old...I have to get a new bottle, but I was tempted to try Clinique for a change.
  5. I just realised that I didn't actually give the link to the article I was on about: http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/vitamins-for-acne.html It's not that I'm being cynical about flushes and so on...I'm just a tad cynical about any article that asks me to sign up for it, when it could easily have been published online..I could do without getting junk mail! Glad to hear you found something that works for you though
  6. Well if your're able to scratch them away..then maybe you could use a medicated scrub instead. I like Vichy's Normaderm Exfoliating Gel.
  7. Lancome Long lasting softening concealer is nice...also comes in colours that are handy for pale skin like mine. I think my tube might be 'out of date' now though...u knw how they write '6M' on the back..well I've had it for a year I think! (I don't wear much make up so it can last decades..)
  8. Didn't find any other threads o Echinacea so thought I'd start my own! Just wondering if anyone else here takes it, and whether you find it effective? I started taking it to prevent cods and flus, and it was great for that. Before, when I would return to college in the autumn, I always caught a bug from being in those stuffy lecture halls full of people coughing and sneezing! Once I started Echinacea, I managed to get through the whole winter without a cough or cold! However, I think it also he
  9. I love peppermint tea. It's refreshing and really good for digestion. Like if you've eaten a big meal, peppermint tea afterward is great. I'm not sure that it has cleared my skin but it can be included as part of your water intake, like all herbal teas, so that's a bonus. Never heard this thing about the estrogen; I guess bigger boobs wouldn't be a bad side effect! Never heard any bad press bout peppermint tea either. U know what though...someone digs up a bad story about everything sooner or la
  10. I find cutting out dairy difficult too...I may try it again but last time I did, it didn't make a huge difference. I love yoghurts (and natural yoghurt can be good for you), and I love my bowl of cereal in the mornings..and melted cheese...! I drank the soy milk, but I didn't enjoy it as much as regular milk; I think somewhere in the back of my mind when I was drinking it, I was thinking: "This isn't real milk!" Around the time I gave up dairy however, I also made some other adjustments to my di
  11. By any chance, was that article from Acne 101? It's a free 'course' you can do...see here: I didn't sign up...as I was a tad suspicious! If it's free, why can't the author just post it on his site anyway?!!
  12. Perhaps it's the steam from the shower opening up your pores...I usually steam my face before using a face mask to open up pores. You can splash some cold water on your face afterwards to close up pores again.