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  1. I totally agree with you .I do hate makeup and I become very worried the day I know I 'll have to put it on(for an important occasion or so) because I feel when I remove it ,it will worsen my skin even if i am using the best brands ever and even if they all claim to say that they are non comodogenic (if that's how it's spelled) or oil free or herbal or mineral or whatsoever .I love the natural look too ..that's why I always seek to look acceptable without putting on anything .I have hormonal acn
  2. Hello , I have severe panic attacks. I have a relapse these days .My psychologist prescribed Depram 20 mg for me (1/2 pill day and the same at night) .I break out occasionally when I am under stress or before my menstrual period .I am worried that this med might cause me to break out .I used to take it that was nearly 3 years ago but I can't remember the situation or it's relation ship with acne because I was not concentrating back then on acne problems I was keen on recovering .Please if any
  3. hello all, I am going to do umrah next week which is an important religious and spiritual event for me .Within this week I am expected to be on my period so I should postpone it someway using the pills .I am just scared of one thing that I've always suffered from which is acne. Will I have more acne if I postpone my period or in other words take those pills? Please if anyone has passed by this experience (of taking those pills) and recognized more acne please inform me . Best Regards, Sara
  4. Hello , I have a T oily skin type and I get my acne on my jaw line and on my chin mainly .sometimes I get few on my foreheard I use Johnson's gently exfoliating facial wash everyday and I am kinda okay with it . But I was taking a look at the main ingredients a few minutes ago and I found that one of the ingredients is sodium laureth sulfate ..I googled and I found that it may cause bad things to the skin like skin corrision . I am going on a healthy diet nowadays full of vitamins (C and A an
  5. Hello, I wanted to share my experience with those suffering from the horrible types of acne .. My skin is not clear but it used to be . I mostly get my acne around my jaw and chin area. I have a T oily skin .The acne I get is either red bumps or white heads sometimes I get black heads on my nose but I can take care of that by doing a facial to my nose only .I hate red bumps they are very visible .I have tried various cleansers.Cleansers do not make acne fade for me but they may prevent them fro