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  1. Really pretty girls can have super low self esteem. I'm gay and all my friends are girls. They will often hang around with fatter girls, or a guy that is obviously less attractive, because it makes them look better, and feel better about themselves. At the same rate, I also believe that in time, you can learn to love anyone, and the appeal of looks is fleeting.
  2. I think it works best on freckles. It's a very old, natural therapy. Jan Brady used it on the Brady Bunch when the boys made fun of her freckly nose. I tried drinking it in water every day as talked about on this board, and ya know, call me crazy, but I think it might have helped a bit, after as short as a week or so. I had to stop due to skin sensitivity. I was exercising, sweating and the sweat was burning my skin, and over the period of the week (or maybe 2 weeks. I forget now) it was makin
  3. I had read that as well (regarding acne prone skin). The texture of the oil is quite thick and sticky feeling on the end of the finger, so I imagine it could clog pores. Like some oils are quite runny - like olive oil, or mineral oil (baby oil). (Not that those are good for acne prone skin either).
  4. I think the best asset would be a kind personality. One of the first derms I ever saw had terrible skin, and she was a first class nasty witch - probably one of the first truly evil people I ever encountered. I think she actually wanted to scar people on purpose.
  5. I learn from this site. I wish it was available as a resource when I was a teen. The information takes me in directions I would never have thought of on my own. My only help before would have been derms (who seem to be taught the same thing), and pharmacists who just don't seem to have the knowledge. One told me to use rubbing alcohol to remove zinc oxide cream. I was polite, but I'm thinking, I might as well use carpet cleaner. Dwelling and ruminating can be really bad for people though
  6. I really feel for the people who got screwed out of their money without seeing results, but I swear my b/f had incredible results with microdermabrasion on acne scarring. I'm wondering now if there is more than one type of microdermabrasion. After seeing him, I just can't see it doing absolutely nothing for some people. He does have a line scar from a boating accident, and it did nothing for that. The dermatologist said he would need collagen for that. But the smoothing of his skin was absolut
  7. Without sounding too overtly defensive, I never said laser doesn't work. I said Epilight is better. And that's based on my personal experience. Actually, I think they are both highly over-rated, but unfortunately, they are the best option out there right now.
  8. This is fascinating to me. I've found websites that recommend sulphur soap for rosacea-prone skin. If it's drying and irritating, it should be the LAST thing sensitive people should be using. It sounds nasty to me.
  9. Well, we're soul mates Duluxdog. Pretty much everything makes me go red (or I guess I should say redder), but for some reason "Neostrata 8% glycolic acid smoothing cream for normal to combination skin" doesn't. I wrote Neostrata an email asking for info on the product, and they actually told me not to use it because glycolic acid is not recommended for sensitive skin. It makes no sense. I always take acid holidays though. I never use it for more than a week consecutively - then I give my s
  10. 1. Glycolic acid 8% every day, or every other day. That's the main thing that's doing the trick, I think. 2. Staying out of the sun (This is the first summer I have ever obsessively protected my skin from sun). 3. Titanium dioxide 4% in stick makeup form. (Loreal quickstick - you can also find titanium dioxide in mineral make-up). 4. Zinc oxide (13%) in baby bum cream. (Penaten soothing lotion) - This is very hard to get off. I dab with baby wipes, use fragrance free baby oil and I let Spectr
  11. I would get several dermatologist opinions, and use their diagnoses as "leads" to get more information. You will ultimately figure it out. If it is keratosis pilaris, there is much hope. I had wicked keratosis pilaris - tons of red spots (unsightly) - on both my arms. Derms gave me tons of useless lactic acid creams. Then, I tried putting over the counter glycolic acid every day - didn't work. The KEY was strong glycolic acid peels. I did the Murad ones in the doctor's office. Doesn't have to
  12. I did a lot of research on this myself. And I mean, a lot. I would recommend one of 2 things. 1. Trim the hair down with scissors to make it look more sparse. OR 2. Epilight hair removal. It works better than any laser. It works best if your skin is very light, the hair is dark, and coarse. It's expensive. 400-500 dollars Canadian for each treatment of the chest. The hair will completely fall out if you are an ideal candidate after around 3 treatments (I know from experience). The proble
  13. Thanks for the kind words. I have zinc oxide cream on it now. I'm sure it'll be ok. Just a little set back. I'm afraid I can't post updates, because I am discontinuing use of the oil. It's important to add (for anyone who hasn't read some of my previous posts) that my skin is quite sensitive. Several things I have read on this board have helped me considerably, and I am grateful. This one little experiment didn't work out. it's ok
  14. I purchased Essencia Rose Hip Oil at the health store. It was $13.95 Canadian for a 25 ml bottle. I tried a wee wee bit on my red hyperpigmentation spots on my cheek, left it on over night, and the marks got considerably redder. (the reddest they've looked in months, in fact). I washed it off this morning and it's still red now. I didn't put anything else on my skin last night. Just the rose hip oil. It doesn't feel like it's burning or irritated. It's just angered.
  15. Is it itchy? Like an allergic rash? Has it been there for a long time? Do they feel rough. Raised? Reddened pores? I'm wondering if it's keratosis pilaris. Moisturizer won't exfoliate skin unless there is some sort of exfoliator in it like lactic acid.