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  1. no i dont. cause i myself need encoragement. how can i encorage somebody when i dont myself. ugh. but if i feel bad who knows im like the only person ive ever seen with acne, ugh.
  2. I LOLED SO HARDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OMG! FUNIEST THING IVE HEARD THIS DAY AND THE WEEK! LMAO! I TOLD THE C O PS AND THEY WOULDNT BELIEVE ME! LMAO! I RAN AWAY! HAHAHAHAHA! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the other hand im still loling. but my acne is not laughing. tahnsk for uplifting my usually crappy life.
  3. the though of college scares me. i dropped out last yr. im supposed to b going back this sept. i dont know what to do, ugh.
  4. WALMART IS THE WORST PLACE FOR SOMEONE WITH ACNE! ok maybe my acne is just horrendous compared to ur "acne". but anyways i havent walked in to walmart in YEARS. they have the worst brigtest ugliest lighting.horrible for my skin. ugh!
  5. um when you get really bad acne. ull feel different. YES IVE THOUGHT I DONT HAVE IT AS BAD AS OTHER PEOPLE. like the things u mentioned. but then i look at myself in the mirror and thats quickly forgotten. then it becomes yeah they have it bad, BUT I HAVE ACNE, THIS IS MY ISSUE, AND THIS IS WHAT I DEALT WITH. AND UNFORTUNATELY IS PART OF MY LIFE. you can say that because u have nothing to worry about. when u have really bad acne and scars i bet you wont feel the way u felt in ur original post.
  6. go get some scars and ill recommend something. ugh! u are ridiculous!
  7. I WOULD NEVER DO IT! NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR! BUT BECAUSE I HAVE ISSUES OTHER THAN ACNE. theres something wrong with my skin, if left too long on water, little white things start showing up on my sface. my skin then becomes flaky and super dry. and my face looks like a mess. i found that out 3 yrs ago the last time i went to the beach. it was super embarrasing cause i didnt know my skin was looking like that. then went through the bathroom and was so embarrased. and on the shower i scraped off with a
  8. WRITE A BOOK! bravo. i wish i could write as good as you do. maybe like that i wouldnt fail english so much. lol. anyways u write beautifully. and i agree with ur post. but really just wanted to congratulate the gift you have in writing. man i would had never come up with the words you used to express yoursef, amazing stuff. love!
  9. i would love to move out of this hellish ugly town i live. and move to the city. i live 40 mins away and havent been there in 4 YEARS! thats right, and i love nyc. but i agree with s****faced i wouldnt dare move to a new city hell no. though his adice may come off as nasty and mean. i take it as the truth. cause titl my skin is good or passable i will still be living home. sigh.....
  10. i also dropped out. welcome to the club! sigh......
  11. WTF! there still gorgeous no matter what. my face is full of ugly scars how is a pimple supposed to make me feel better, ugh!
  12. um wake up they already saw it. and wake up you dont belong here, u probably have NOTHING!
  13. awww. yesterday my freind showed me some inspirational videos makes me wanna change my life. im i? well prob not. but they were inspirational though and gave me hope. lol.
  14. the cause of my acne.............doing bad things to myself. im a guy.
  15. so today i was wacthing a movie, happy-go-lucky. very surpringly little indie movie. it was about this women who was just a happy person. she was smart, witty, spontanous, and she loved life. and in the middle of the movie she asked a guy if he was happy with his life. and i thought to myself and asked myself the same question. im i happy? took me a while to come up with an answer. which can only mean it aint happy at all. i wouldnt go to an extent and say myl ife sucks, maybe some aspects. but