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  1. I've been an Acne.org member for a little over 4 years, so I'm not just some asshole trying to sell you crap. I guarantee you, NOTHING on the shelves is EXACTLY like Max Clarity. The foam is not your standard foam that you might expect from other foaming facial cleansers. The consistency is comparable to that of shaving cream or even whipped cream, and it absorbs much differently. It's not your regular, sud-producing foam. And there are more in the ingredients than just BP and SA. The cleanser c
  2. Jeez people use a little common sense, if you actually read most of the reviews in this thread you'd see that most of them, are posted by new accounts. That tells you that most these accounts are probably spammers who are trying to promote this corporation and want you to spend your money. Plus the whole "recurring monthly system" just screams scam, and there's no way to place an order without clicking that check mark. This is cleverly intended so that you may forget to cancel at one point an
  3. Undermine

    Everything Nothing You're crazy if you don't supplement Vitamin D. Most people in today's life styles don't get enough exposure to the sun. Typically your skin can absorb as much as 10,000 IU of vitamin D in 15 minutes. Note this does not mean you should take 10,000 IU. Pill form is absorbed very differently from direct sunlight. Vitamin D is critical, emphasis on critical for cellular functions, it's one of the most important single supplement you can take. If you don't get enough s
  4. nice skin, the weather has been quite terrible here in Texas. That is unless you like cold and rain.
  5. Lmao I can't believe you put yourself through this,everyday. This isn't the 19th century, a guy doesn't ALWAYS have to be the one to initiate a conversation or ask you out on a date. Talk to him he's not an alien, tell him you like him. JUST DO IT. Otherwise you'll always wonder what if.
  6. It's not so bad have you tried different kinds of vitamins instead of just using topical medication?
  7. I don't get very much acne anymore but when I do it's usually sporadic. So I was wondering what is a good spot treatment for whiteheads. I've been using BP and SA for over 10 years now I think they've lost all effects. What would you guys recommend? No: BP, SA, Tea tree oil, Retin-A Micro, Other then that give me some suggestions please thanks.
  8. p.s i've had acne for like 12 years you should see the before pics
  9. Going to be brutally honest with you here. People who say beauty is on the inside typically say so to reassure themselves of what they lack in physical attractiveness can be made up with personality. Physical attractiveness is one of THE most important thing in starting a relationship. Sure, it diminishes with age and can be interchanged with things like fame, and money. But that's not the type of relationship you want anyways. Now I'm not saying personality isn't important, it definitely is, bu
  10. sounds like you had a Benjamin button experience. While i'd love to take such a trip, i have work and school, and no free time.
  11. missed 4 days? I think i attended 4 days total of my senior year. They couldn't do a thing to me because my grades were all A's. Highschool was a joke.
  12. Hey =) Just looked at ur pics on ur profile, your real pretty Haha thanks, wearing sunglasses in the house is real cool.
  13. I'm pretty sure Acne is just a hormonal thing, that some people have during their teenage years, others don't. However, 99% of people grow out of Acne. I too had terrible acne at one point and used to think wtf nobody has acne but me. It clears up in time though. Have hope.