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  1. lebron i totaly understand , especially can relate i use to love playing basketball , biking , chilling with freinds but lately i just want to be alone i want to go to school go straight home and be alone until the next day .
  2. Please help me , I have a large boil on my nose and I don't know what to do! II am periodically putting a hot wash cloth on it because I read heat is good but i'm not seeing any real results . I have put some tea tree oil maybe that will help . I cannot go to my classes like this its too humiliating! anyone have any help?
  3. I contemplate suicide almost everyday , but i think most of us do . my question is what stops us from actually doing it? i mean although my thoughts of suicide are real i could never bring myself to actually pull the trigger on myself or anything. I feel this is what stops most people from suicide this "mystery" feeling or emotion or thought or whatever you wanna call it from actually suiciding . Does anybody know what i mean? if yes what exactly stops us if we hate our lives so much and think
  4. Hey , I've been getting red lumps on my nose for quite a while now and my parents either seem to not care or don't notice (which i doubt) I feel like my parents dont understand what this does to me seeming as they both never had any acne , and i feel like they think it doesnt need to be gone to a derm for . They never mention anything when i get a red lump like this its almost like i dont have acne to them :S but i wished they would care does anyone else feel this way?
  5. I have something quite similar peanutbutter , please tell me if you find a way to fix this!
  6. I feel exactly the same way , having acne in highschool has got to be the worst time possible ever to have it!!! and the worse part is being like the only kid with it , and seeing people who may have had it worse fix it somehow :S
  7. Have you had it before? if yes what did you do and did it work well?
  8. Option number one for sure!!! if she replies compasionatly shes definatly worth meeting with
  9. I got this red lump on my nose , doesn't appear to have a white head , and is roughly the size of a small pinky finger nail. I have quite a few blackheads on my nose is it possibly one of those got infected and created this lump? , im also diabetic does this play a role? Also how can i get rid of it? i heard peopel talk about cortisone shots but do i need a derm to get one? or can a GP or walk in clinic do it .
  10. Do any of you feel that acne makes you hate the world and anyone with clear skin? I tend to find that this hatred of the world makes me a much more aggressive person , but i dont display my anger , i simply take it in and allow it to build for some reason. Anyone else feel the same?
  11. Hmm interesting thought Heyo , but dont you think it was neccessary to have acne to have a good relationship with your family? , or to have your brother to teach you guitar ? or to like to tennis. I think all these things are probably evern better without acne.
  12. Atleast you have your life set up , a husband , two kids , etc . im not sure if you have any idea what it feels like when your in your mid teens like me with acne knowing you will never get any of that , no gf , no kids , no social life. To know that for the rest of your life you will be alone. Also yes i know how it feels to not feel comfortable speaking to loves ones about acne , and feeling like they dont care or think its a big deal.
  13. I ask myself this question soooo many times , is god doing this to me because of meanful things i may have said to others when i was young , maybe because i teased them ? but then i ask myself is it fair to destroy my entire life for one comment i made.