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  1. The best way I can describe how I apply Finacea is FAST. Yes it's not the easiest to apply and numerous times I have felt my palms have absorbed more product than my face! >.< BUT as time has gone by I have learned that it starts to absorb very quickly so you have to work fast w/ the product. So what I do is apply a pea size amount on my upper palm area and rub for a few seconds, no more than 3, I prefer to accumulate the Finacea to my fingertips as I'm rubbing it in my hands because I fe
  2. HELLO ALL!!! OH MY GOSH SO SORRY FOR NOT CONSISTENTLY UPDATING!!!! >.< School tends to kill off all things not pertaining to studying or doing homework so I've been super busy since school started again in August. ~~AWAKEODIN- How is the skin routine working for you??? I hope so good! ~~Timehealsall- Yes I had overall blotchy/bumpy skin I believe associated with my Rosacea but Finacea smoothed out my complexion. I thankfully did not suffer an IB from Finacea, just dryness and scalin
  3. These pics are from today.. Still some redness of coarse, it runs in the family & I live in southern Arizona so bear with me lol, but close to no acne smoother complexion
  4. Alo All!!! Here is an update with PICS!! Yay! lol So.. ALL IS WELL!! I definitely recommend finacea for rosacea, hyperpigmentation, even acne! ]] I'm still using finacea at least 5-6 times a week at night only. The other nights(i only use it @ night because my skin is too sensitive for 2 times a day) I use vitamin E oil as moisturizer and that works LOVELY!! I'm still only oil-cleansing. I have been oil cleansing for months and that has done WONDERS for my skin!! That's something else
  5. & I'm very happy to hear it's working for you too!!! Yea hyper-pigmentation is a big pain in the ass for me too, but Finacea has helped that too!! I totally agree, first topical that I'm satisfied w/ as well!! All those others like retin-a did more harm than good to my skin. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm 23! Gettin up in the years! haha lol
  6. PROGRESS UPDATE!! Finacea is working soooo good for me!!! My skin is looking so much brighter and even toned. It's helped my hyper-pigmentation a lot as well. Yesterday I even bought some pressed powder, and I haven't done that in about two years because before when I would put powders on, my skin was so uneven the powder just made my skin look Worse. So I stopped buying anything and just dealt w/ my bad complexion...BUT I've seen soooo much improvement!! I purchased Cover Girl's Clean: oil C
  7. [PROGRESS UPDATE] Improvement!!!!!! My skin is starting to look much more even and less red!! Everything is going great with the jojoba oil and finacea. I'm even starting to get compliments too. My boyfriend is always so sweet and compliments me everyday but yesterday he even said how beautiful my skin looked. I'm very happy with how finacea is working on my skin and I hope by the time school starts I will just need a tinted moisturizer. NOTE: Finacea is a pretty penny EVEN with med. insuranc
  8. Ello jdotp2010, I have not kept a photo journal like I said because I didn't remind myself too much to keep track of my progress with pics because I cant find my camera usb cable so I was pretty bummed knowing even if I take pics I wont have a way to upload them onto the website so I pretty much forgot sorry. >.< & I'm short on cash to buy another one but hopefully I can order a new one asap. I'll take a pic today just so I can go back in a few months & see how far I've come an
  9. Alo everyone!! Sooo..a mini history of my "lovely" complexion- - Started getting acne at 12, went on accutane in 2003, I have rolling scars, hyperpigmentation AND rosacea! (It's a hot mess >.<) ANYWHO.. I was put on Finacea. Today is my first day of use and I'm going to keep a photo diary and hopefully find a way to post the pics. I'm optimistic I really hope it works because I have no active acne just all around redness and I live in AZ so the 100 degree weather doesn't help! Has any
  10. I have a new puppy and she's always trying to lick my face. I would let her but I'm afraid that might cause a breakout. So does anyone if dogs licking your face will cause acne. I know this is a REALLY weird question but if anyone knows plz reply i'd appreciate it! Nikki
  11. thank you very much Paul86! and to you noggin i'm pretty sure to exfoliate is to remove dead skin cell, to reveal new skin. Nikki
  12. Good Luck w/ your experience on accutane it's definently not the greatest experience in the world but it helps. Once again GOOD LUCK Nikki
  13. can someone plz explain to me this "tape method" people have been talking about, I'd really appreciate it! Nikki
  14. i guess your right monicakb there is a silver lining and thanks for the encouragment! the only reason i've had my marks for so long is because they begin to heal but then I get another damn breakout! If i can just get my acne under control I'd be less pissed. When my acne is under control my marks are hardly visible with my wonderful makeup. I'm going on birthcontrol and retin-a so i'm hoping this combo together will work Nikki
  15. you do have a good point cynic and I guess if I had to choose between marks/acne I'd choose the marks but they TOTALLY SUCK like people have been saying u feel your face it feels smooth then u look in the mirror and you see the marks! I wish there was a quick way to get rid of them, I have had mine for about 2 1/2 yrs. now and I'm tired of them I don't even know why i'm posting I guess I wanted to vent a little . It's nice that we can all come to this site and know were not alone! well, I'm do