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  1. Well, this is officially my second go at this regimen and I KNOW it works. The first time I was on it, I was completely clear and happy. Eventually I settled down with a girl and she requested me to stop messing around with my skin. Plus, she hated the smell of the moisturizer, how I would occasionally look greasy, blah blah blah. Stupid me, I did it. Then again I was happy with my skin because I had someone who didn't care how I ended up looking. Now that I have moved on, my acne is much les
  2. After about 8 I am just about clear. Except for a few red marks and 1 or two bumps. My problem is, now what? I am still flaking pretty bad, so much so it is embarrassing even with the Jojoba + Moisturizer combo. Is now the time to lower the BP to one pump or just continue with the 2 pumps and deal with the flaking? Thanks again, and good luck to you all!
  3. Day 186 - 03/12/09 Status: Things have been up and down but finally I think I found the key to my problem, sleep. The nights I get more sleep my acne clears up. The nights where I don't get much sleep the acne gets worse. I think within a few days of sleeping more I will receive great results. I also ordered the 16 oz. Treatment which I plan to be my last order of the treatment with acne. I have added the St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub which I apply every Monday and Friday. Flaking is GONE
  4. Day 174 - 02/28/09 Status: I AM ALMOST THERE! I feel that I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I would say my face is 85% clear as of right now. I recently added the Egg White Mask to my regimen and it really is helping a lot. I am going to keep applying the Egg White Mask every Saturday and Wednesday before I start trying other things. (Looking to try the lemon juice and Aspirin Mask soon) (All for Face) Morning: - Wash with Hand Soap - Wait 5 Minutes - Apply 2 pumps of Ac
  5. Day 156 - 02/10/09 Status: Wowa I started this 156 days ago and I am almost completely clear. The only think I need to clear up is my red spots which I will just take some time I suppose. I am hoping to be completely clear by the end of February or near mid March. What I been doing: I only been full time on the DKR since the beginning of January and rarely missed any days. (All for Face) Morning: - Wash with 1 pump Acne.org Cleanser - Wait 5 Minutes - Apply 2 pumps of Acne.org Treatment -
  6. I have had trouble with dealing with flakes and am wondering what am I supposed to do. Should I add more Jojoba oil or more moisturizer? I currently use 1 pump of moisturizer and 6 drops of Jojoba oil in the morning. At night I use the AHA. I remember in one of Dan's videos he doubled to 2 pumps of moisturizer and 12 drops of Jojoba Oil at night. This leading to my next question, should I continue with AHA at night if I am flaking or switch to double Jojoba and Moisturizer?
  7. I didn't know it was changed. I guess I can start using it now
  8. About a week ago when I received my second tube of AHA+, I opened it and was surprised to see it drip out like water. I figured since it was cold outside maybe the temperature had an effect on it so I just let it sit at room temperature. About a week later it is still watery. Has anybody else experienced this or have a solution to getting it back to normal?
  9. Day 97 - 12/13/08 Status: It has been 97 days of trying to rid my acne and it is frustrating. I look at where I came then to where I am now and am impressed but not satisfied. About a week ago I was beginning to get more frustrated then ever and decided to submerge my face in hot water for 5 minutes. Surprisingly this is working and I am clearing up. Today: A.M. - Soak for 5 minutes - Wash with hand soap - Dan's BP
  10. Day 46 - 10/26/08 Status: It has been a long while since I last posted and I hope to post daily once again. Since my last post my skin has gotten a lot clearer. I have seen drastic improvements and am starting to have only red marks on my skin. It stinks that I am now going to have to try to spare as much BP as I can this week till I get my new bottle. I have been having trouble with flaking once again which is why during the week I only apply the BP once. Today: A.M. - 100 MG Doxycycline -
  11. Day 17 - 09/27/08 Status: It has been a week since I last posted and I haven't been feeling well enough to be doing much. Pretty much most of the week I was laying around feeling real down about some things and haven't had the urge to apply BP and the AHA as much as usual. This is just a minor set back and hopefully I will recover from it. Today: Noon - Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser - Wipe with Clearasil Maximum Strength Pore Cleansing Pad - Submerge face for 120 seconds in warm
  12. Dan's BP has worked pretty much perfectly for me. It had little irritation even the first few times I used it and I am clearing up 3 weeks later. Other BP products I have used irritated my face making it really itchy and red. I don't think I will ever go to a different BP again.
  13. Day 9 - 09/18/08 Status: I been sick with a cold so haven't been posting too much. I think from the cold I will break out a bit but as of right now I am pretty clear. My face just has a few small bumps on it and some red marks that I hope the AHA can help clear up. There also is this pimple under my nose that keeps coming back all week. I am trying not to touch it or fool with it since I cut it when shaving. I hope it heals up over the weekend. Today: Noon - Clean & Clear Advantage A
  14. Day 6 Status: Got AHA+ today and am going to apply it during the day tomorrow. Today: A.M. - Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash P.M. - Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser - Dan's BP
  15. Day 4 Status: Odd this weekend I haven't moisturized at all and my face isn't flaking as much as I thought it would. This could be due to submerging my face in water that might be helping remove the flakes. Ever since I started that the flakes started to go away. Today: A.M. - Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash - Dan's BP - Submerge face for 120 seconds in warm water P.M. - Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser - Dan's BP