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  1. great display picture bro

  2. so, you must get a lot of comments about the office... here's one more... I LOVE IT ! Bears, beets, battlestar galatica. (:

  3. Some of you may remember me as one of the strongest advocates for this methid and the dude who left the site based on my success of achieving "normal, teenage looking" pimples instead of big pustules..my skin was 95% clear due to jus water and olive oil at one point - though it was only for a month. I got off my topical (benzamycin) in May of 2008. I had perfectly clear skin from the topical but I just wanted to see if I could cure myself naturally. And I was succesfful. Partially. From May - J
  4. To anyone not sure about doing the regimen...go ahead. What's the worst that could happen? If you're on this site, you're suffering from acne. OBviously your products aren't of much help if you're still complaining about pimples. Do this regimen (or modify it to include water but stay "cleanser-free"), try it for atleast a month and see how you feel about it. I don't get what the big fuss is...like I said last time, some of you are making this WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more complicated than it needs to
  5. I'm the only one doing that. Oil's not bad for your face, especially if you're not using anything else on your face. I literally just take a shower in the morning and every other night spread O.O across my face and rinse it off before I go to sleep. That's it. There's my regimen. I dont have much acne (knock on wood). Some of you guys are worrying too much about this that and the other. I couldn't stand the flaking after a week cuz it was an INSANE amount, so I incorporated O.O, and around that
  6. I wouldn't say for "years", but I experimented with clindamycin, differin, clindoxyl and benzamycin between 2005-2007. There were all succcessful in clearing me up, looking back, but they always had thier share of problems. Differin was the worst. I used benzamycin from February of 2007 till May of 2008 and I was like 90% consistently clear while on it. I abruptly stopped BP because I seriously had a revalation while on this site that most of the people who consistently use BP or other topical
  7. I shave once every 3 days. I shave under the neck with a razor and foam, but I never got pimples there anyway, maybe like one every 5-6 months so I don't really care. The other parts I use Phillips' brand electric shaver...but I use the portion you're supposed to use to fix your side burns and stuff. It doesn't give you a "smooth" shave, but it leaves the PERFECT amount of stubble on your face to look good yet not caveman like (how ironic) at the same time. Look at those products, and look at
  8. I'm going to add something to this discussion, that I've found interesting. One of my housemates always has had small bouts of acne...like he would get a pimple once in a while. He never used anything on his face last year, from what I remember. This year, after a breakout, he started using Sepctro gel's line of BP or whatever they have. Funny thing is, last year he'd get a break out and then not get any serious pimples for another couple of weeks. This year however, since he's used the Spectro
  9. Basically have been doing this regimen (but modified to my own liking): http://www.acne.org/messageboard/caveman-r...02#entry2461902 Probably the best idea I've ever done. Rickpaul bro, good luck with your shittttt I hope its goin good.
  10. Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been here. My skin's not doing bad, I still get pimples but seriously, its "normal zits" like you would see from an average teenager, so I don't really care. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm only getting zits cuz of my terrible sleeping patterns at this point, cause it went from 1-2 am to 3-4 am and that's usually when I start breaking out, so I'm gonna chill out on the late sleeping, but its kinda hard with excessive assignments and exams coming up. I serious
  11. I actually might drop the water, but, do you think I'll have to go thru that excessive flaking period again? Also, I remember I did "no water" for like 3 days in early september and got like excessive blackheads on my nose and I NEVERRRRRRRRR get blackheads, so that was really wierd.
  12. Wow, wierd. I've actually been thinking recently that my chronic bouts with dry skin are due to the excessively chlorinated water in my area. I'm living off campus in university right now, and my area is KNOWN for being highly chlorinated. So, despite not using any topicals on my face, and only using water, I'm still fighting with dry skin. It's not even flaking so much anymore, just a tight, dry feeling. It has nothing to do with the olive oil (which I'm only doing every other day for the momen
  13. As far as the natural oils go, I actually only did it AFTER my flaking period subsided. Like I literally walked around with TERRIBLE flaking for 1.5 weeks, and then right as it was subsiding, I started using olive oil. O.O is known to give you radiant skin, and I can't tell you guys how smooth my skin looks. I do have red marks but scars fade over time so that doesnt worry me as much as the pimples. Seriously, if I have one or two pimples I dont really care, I just dont want big cystic type pimp
  14. I think the dead skin part is the toughest to go through. I remember that week where I had REALLY bad dry/dead skin everywhere. It was terrible, I didn want to leave the house. After a week though, it started to subside, so just have patience and keep faith in ywhat you're doing. Essentially, you're not doing your skin any HARM, that's what people need to understand. The shit you were putting on your face before? Yeah, THAT'S doing the harm. Simply putting water or not putting anything on your f