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  1. Day 30 Wow, I'm already around 30% through. That went waaaaay more quickly than I expected. My face is looking awesome. It seems all my pores have squeezed out whatever was in there. I just have one spot at the moment. It's quite a large one right in the corner of my eyebrow that appeared out of nowhere. It'll be gone soon. I went for my 4 week check up/results appointment at the hospital. Everything came back fine. THe accutane doesn't seem to have dented my bloodwork or liver functions much
  2. I've just finished my third week, tomorrow I go for blood tests to check I'm A-ok. All going well I'll be bumping up to 70mg from 35mg on the 13th. I feel fine, no side effects really. Lips are prone to drying, but overall in great condition. My friends however have noticed that I'm now apparently cranky and impatient. They're used to me being very calm and tolerant, whereas now I guess I snap a lot. I tried a little experiment over the past few days. I have this feeling in my head that all t
  3. Yikes, I just took some super zoomed in macro shots of the strawberry effect. Gross but amazing. All the crap is being pushed right out. This is the area that I normally break out on my face, it's the only place that's strawberrying. I had no idea my pores were that clogged.
  4. Hey, it seems like we had similar side effects at the start at least. I was so cranky the first week
  5. Day 16 Hey I'm over 2 weeks in! Still doing good side effects wise. Lips are still dry ish, but doing very well and in great condition. my skin has started to properly dry out, I've got to the point of needing to moisturise otherwise I flake like crazy. I think I'm at that waking up oil-less stage. I've had a few big lumpy cysts rise up to the surface over the past few days, they're kinda sore but I'm leaving everything well alone. The skin on my upper lip has cleared out very well, I used to
  6. Wow, looking awesome. I'm getting quite smooth, but there are lumps here and there. I hope my skin is half as good as yours when I'm done.
  7. Accutane has made me really horny. I have chubs most of the day!
  8. Day 11 Still liking my skin. I have that characteristic redness around my mouth, but no active spots really. The 2 big cysts from my IB on the left of my jaw are flattening out and it's all becoming real smooth. Switching to simple cleanser has made a big difference. My lips are doing great. Blistex works really well. So well in fact that my lips are actually in way better condition than they were before taking accutane. I'm now forced to take care of them, before they were always chapped. Ho
  9. I'm drinking like crazy. If I don't my head gets fuzzy, as if someone is "drawing the curtains" on my concentration. I drink about 3 or 4 litres a day and now keep a bottle of water nearby in work all day.
  10. Day 10 My headache lasted all through yesterday night, right through to today. I woke up to the same horrible pulsating persistent pain. It felt like my head was in a vice. I was in a foul mood all morning in work, until I found a cure: Aspirin and Red Bull. In less than 5 minutes my headache was gone, I could feel it melting away. Thank goodness, I was beginning to have second thoughts about staying on accutane from these headaches alone.
  11. day 9 I've had a bitching headache all day. Lips are getting really thin and drying easily, skin also flaking and drying out after washing. I knew my lack of side effects was too good to be true.
  12. Day 7 Still no side effects really. Lips are fine, skin isn't dry and my mood is ok. I don't see what all the fuss is about really. Maybe I'm just lucky? Skin seems to be clearing up a little more each day, especially the cheeks. Yay.
  13. Day 5 My skin seems to be improving. I woke up to only one new friend today, the others have all just dried up and fallen off. The skin on my back seems to be sorting itself out, I haven't noticed any new spots, and the existing spots are really drying out. Side effects wise my skin has just started to dry out. My cheeks feel oil free, while my forehead, nose, lips and chin still feel totally greasy. I'm wondering if I'm being hit by the depression side effect. I wouldn't say I'm depressed as