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  1. hey, how long did the tazorac work for you?

  2. I don't know if I'm allowed to vote since I'm a girl, but I voted face. And no, not acne versus acne free, but the structure of it. Cute nose, nice lips, beautiful eyes, great jawline, nice cheekbones, nice brows, stuff like that really. If her face is beautiful (acne or no acne makes no difference) that's what I notice.
  3. Our bodies produce sweat and oil, which also gets on any item of clothing you're wearing. Bras sit very close on the skin and wearing a bra to bed that has been absorbing the sweat and oil is going to trap it there and cause you to break out (especially if you don't wash your bra very often). It's kind of like if you don't wash your pillow cases every week or if you don't wipe down your cell phone enough.
  4. nina smells awesome. and glow by jlo smells great, too. :]
  5. B Spot smells really good. Flowerbomb, in my opinion, smells amazing. It's really expensive (about $150 for a 3.4oz and $95 for a 1.7oz) but it smells soooooooo good. It is a really sweet, light scent though, so if you like edgier scents you may not like it. They also came out with one called Flowerbomb Extreme that I want to try out. Taken from a Flowerbomb Review: Flowerbomb (2005) is a mélange of creamy florals resting on a warm base of patchouli and vanilla. Created by Olivier Polg
  6. I'm using lactic acid. And I'm pretty sure it is. I have way more many pimples than I had before I started. peel doesnt really help with acne it helps to renew our skin so we can get rid of the old damaged layer I think u need to stop the break out before doing anything else on ur skin Are you kidding me? I thought peels helped both red marks and acne. Peels do help with red marks and acne. The Salicylic, Glycolic, and Modified Jessner will help the most with acne grade
  7. Personally, I like Maybelline Pure Makeup. :]
  8. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES (these drive me CRAZY!!!): Nautica Voyage Kennith Cole Reaction Tommy (by Tommy Hilfiger) ESPECIALLY Nautica Voyage and Kennith Cole Reaction. I love them so much I bought them for my boyfriend!
  9. I have around 15 different perfumes (I am addicted!) but my top favorites are Maybe Baby by Benefit, Princess by Vera Wang, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, and Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture.
  10. Top five beauty products I cannot live without: 1) A good pH balanced cleanser (preferably a foaming gel cleanser). 2) A noncomedogenic SPF 30 sunblock. 3) A noncomedogenic, light-weight moisturizer. 4) Sebastion Potion 9 (for my hair). 5) Deodorant. As far as the cleanser, sunblock, and moisturizer, gloTherapeutics is my company of choice. (Oh, and toothpaste, but I suppose if I'm stranded in the wild and can only bring 5 man-made products with me I could always figure out some way to c
  11. It doesn't look like it, although I'd have to see you IRL to give you a good answer. Are they painful? They look like they may just be inflamed pustules. But if they're painful they may be cystic. I would recommend having a dermatologist take a look it, as they could give you the best answer. :]
  12. Personal photos need to be 150x150 pixels and no greater than 100kb. Do you have photoshop? Image > Image Size Make sure your document is being measured in pixels, and not inches. Type in 150 width and 150 height (although the height should change in proportion to the width). I recommend using a document that is a perfect square (ex: 12x12, 1x1, 6x6) so that your picture does not experience any distortion. Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen (If you have Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3) Whe
  13. Did you actually read through what I wrote? Probably not. I stated that it may help an adult in reducing acne by reducing stress, and that other than that don't expect it to clear up your skin. Oh, and I've been there done that as far as really bad acne. So don't treat me like I'm uneducated on this subject, because I know from experience as well.
  14. I am directly under Tropical Storm Hanna atm. Oh, what a fun weekend this will be. And I have to work. Boo. :[ P.S. I am a Ragnarok Online addict. 4 years and going, baby!!
  15. Walnut you really shouldn't act like you're so sure of the answer when even the top dermatologists are still debating on that one. It's pretty much an agreement across the board that anything going on internally will reflect externally. Although acne isn't always caused by intrinsic factors, it can be (for example stress, one of the biggest culprits in adult acne), and while that doesn't mean that eating right will clear up your acne or make you beautiful, it does mean a lot of other things.