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  1. I used to do everything to avoid walking past people on the way to college, I'd put my hand over my face and lean against it as well to hide it but make it look like I was just using my hand for support. I'd go 20 minutes out of my way if it meant taking a longer, but quieter route home...
  2. Hmm think it was about a week and a half for them to stop being dry! They weren't that dry towards the end of my course though but earlier on they used to get really, really dry!
  3. Thanks folk! Nah I was quite disappointed when my course ended early last month but since then it has improved a hell of a lot!
  4. Took another 2 with the new camera so shows up a bit more detail! Just gets better and better.
  5. Just a quick update, I posted 2 new photos that I took using the decent camera, everytime I take a new photo now I just feel extremely releived and amazed that Accutane worked. I thought I'd be one of the few that had to go through multiple courses.
  6. Yeeep should be ok, fingers crossed though hey.
  7. lol thank you! I have a date on Monday so hoping that goes well too. Feeling quite confident for a change!
  8. Well we just buy a few 1.5 litre bottles when we go shopping, they cost about 70pence (not sure where you live though but in the US that's about $35!), I go through them pretty fast though I drink a lot. Cocoa butter seems good, I read about on here but forgot about it, then I saw it in a shop last month and thought what the hell!
  9. Hey thanks! In June the marks were a lot more active but I'm going to keep drinking water and applying cocoa butter and hope it subsides, I think the water & butter have made a big difference in such a short time!
  10. So I said in the pictures thread I was going to find some pre-tane pictures, I've compiled a few before & after pics in this thread. Ever since I started to notice how much better my face had gotten since June I've been on a high really, a lot less miserable and things are really looking up. Just thought I'd post them here just in case people don't check that section very often, hang in there people!
  11. Hey people now I was looking for photos a LOT when I was starting accutane (before & after ones mostly) hoping that this would finally work as no creams or other anti-biotics did, so I digged through some old pictures and decided to grow a pair and just post them. I do look very depressed in some but I'm a lot happier now, although depression has never happened to me I just looked miserable when taking them. I've also switched from drinking coca cola to strictly mineral water and I think i
  12. Right I've found a bunch of acne photos on my phone, think I took then for comparisons sake when I was about to start taking accutane. I'll get them uploaded tomorrow, my phones quality isn't as good as the camera I used for recent pics though so the phone photos will be even worse if they were taken by the new camera.
  13. Going through the exact same thing, meeting a gorgeous girl on Monday and I'm pretty confident but still some insecurities in my mind. My skin does look quite good now though but it'll take a little while for me to get back to being comfortable.
  14. Hey thanks people! I've been in a super good mood as of late everything is going great. My skin just keeps getting better and better! Scheduled a date with a really pretty girl too so things haven't been better really! Need to dig an old picture up of when I did have a lot of crap on my face, got it on a memory card somewhere but I look dead depressed!
  15. Ok I know I look like a moron but I came off accutane last month and I simply can't believe the difference it made! I took another to make sure the last photo wasn't a fluke. Was taking pictures with flash/max detail on to really pick at my skin and oh my god last year it would've looked awful!! http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-sn...9_4898374_n.jpg Now I just need to work on a) getting my hair sorted, b) shaving!!