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  1. Kellsbells, thanks, i sure hope they wont be as noticable afterwards. Also using Acnefree fade and erase in the evening and apple cider vinegar in the morning, hoping that'll help a little. I may be seeing things, but it seems like my scars are less noticable when i drink loads. Day 37 It's been a week on 120mg now, and the dryness is about at the same level as it was around week 2 now. It kind of got better after a while on 60mg, so if i'm lucky my body will get "used" to it. While it is so
  2. Picturessss I thought i'd do a day 1 vs 1 month comparison. Todays pics aren't all that good, couldnt seem to get the cam to focus properly...so my right side actually looks worse than before on the pics - but! It's free of actives, all of those are just red marks =) Oh, and you can see my scars really well on them, which might explain why i went on accutane at all left side right side
  3. I just realized that i must have forgotten some days. It now is infact Day 32 Had a big big cyst on my shoulder (which had been clear for 3 weeks before that), the rest on my face is healing really nice. Don't see any new evil bumps as of now, so maaaybe i'm done now? Started 120 mg daily (!!) on Saturday with my new prescription, my derm knows that i want to be able to drink at my wedding and then tan on my honeymoon (both of which are in october), so he said we could give that a shot, as
  4. Day 27 The scabs on my cheek were ready to come off yesterday, helped them a little and now i have to nice, flat but red spots. Let the scar treatment begin and hope that those two were the last major ones for the rest of my life I got a funny dry skin rash on my left hand near my thumb a almost a week ago. It's sorta spreading/circling around my other hand and lower arms now. The worst is the underside of my left lower arm at the moment, looks like i have the measles. Everywhere else its bar
  5. Juls, of course we will! Best o' luck to you Lain, thanks for the tip, i guess i'll try to get some. Only problem is that most of my face is almost oily when i use really rich moisturizer, and its still not enough for some areas... Hope you are getting along well there. Day 26 (I think. I'm getting confused.) I went TILT the day before yesterday and popped the 2 big cysts on my right cheeck. Where's the crying smiley? I don't think i got everything out, i was bleeding like hell, have 2 gia
  6. Kiwi, i guess we could have been clear by day 7 and had no side effects and we'd STILL find something to complain about. Such is life I'm using Neutrogena Total Comfort for very dry skin at night (i'd use it in the mornings aswell, but i really don't have the time to wait for it to absorb before putting on makeup), and some light no name moisturizer with SPF 15 from Aldi in Germany (which actually is pretty good, was quite surprised). Just bought myself the hemp face protector cream from the
  7. Day 19 1/2 Didn't have the time to post yesterday...we had to get rid off the weeds in the backyard of our old house (we moved 2 weeks ago and the landlord is going to check on the house today), took us like 3 hours....damn, some of them have amazing roots. Afterwards we played poker with a couple of friends until like midnight, had a winning streak and was at like 300%+ and THEN i started losing. It's always like that for me, i need to learn how to stop BEFORE i lose everything Anyway, b
  8. Ah, breaking out again/still...meh...at least then you won't have to worry about those anymore, once the gunk is out, it's out. I see you have now become a carmex addict aswell, good girl! I totally understand the not wanting to kiss, it's kind of disgusting with the constant layer of lipbalm...plus the BEARD! My other half always has a three days beard, and god it hurts when you are on accutane, with the chapped lips and fragile skin. I'd tell my BF though if i were you, he apparently lov
  9. Mhm, no ideas what kind of brands you can get in singapore and i don't know the brand i have off the top of my head either...but i got myself 25mg tablets and i usually take one a day, sometimes two. If you can't get pure Zinc, you can also get vitamin c and zinc fizzy tablets and just pop a couple a day so you get around 20mg of zinc a day. Don't worry about getting in too much vitamin c, you can't possibly do yourself harm with that stuff unless you had like 50 grams of pure vitamin c a day.
  10. Hey there For the hair loss...i've been taking a little zinc from the beginning and haven't noticed more hair loss - actually less than before accutane if anything, so you might want to try that. Helps your skin heal too. =)
  11. Kat, thanks for stopping by...i have noticed that it's kind of hard to tell by yourself wether your face has really improved or wether you are basically being biased because you think about your face all the damn time. So thanks for the reassurement Kiwi, we're going through this pretty strange and puzzling experience at the same time, so we'd better try and help each other, mhm? Peeling chin...arrrrgh. Try splashing on an extra layer of moisturizer am and especially pm, helps me quite a bit
  12. lain, boots is a pharmacy chain over here in ireland and the UK. They have their own version of pretty much every product you can imagne, usually their are pretty good and cheap. Judging by your nick, you probably aren't anywhere near a boots, but the thing i got was their "spot wand" with witch hazel for the night and tea tree oil for the day. Day 17 Good news! My skin is a lot less dry today, the areas where i used to peel like crazy when i wouldn't moisturize once every few hours are still
  13. Cheer up, girl! Just imagine how awesome your skin will look like in just a few weeks time! Sure, those blargh zits and bumps are frustrating as hell, but then again imagine it as going uphill with a bike - it's getting really though now, just before the peak, but as soon as you reach it you are in for a smooth ride - probably a lifelong one at that! Thats worth pedaling for, isn't it? Consider yourself hugged
  14. Hey Madeline, is your face still oily now or was it just a fluke? I get the tired feeling too, but at least not every day... Against the "Panda eyes" (damn that is so much cuter than eyebags)...try drinking even more, thats usually what causes them. Oh and you could try putting lukewarm used camilla tea bags on your eyes, that's supposed to help. Go girl!
  15. Kiwi, same here. Some come and go within a day, quite impressive...others stick around for waaaay longer than they usually would. meeh Day 16 Nothing really new, except that i got myself a spot treat thingie from boots yesterday and i may be seeing things, but my cheek-buddies seem to have gotten flatter. Oh and i had like the weirdest dream ever last night....so gross. I was at a derm or something like that, and he popped the smaller zit on my cheek. When it eventually popped, something r