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Status Updates posted by Roller

  1. DAMN. who's the new girl?

    1. Vanbelle


      DAMN. This sounds familiar?

  2. Hot Damn! WHO is that?

  3. I wish I had eyes like that

  4. I think you should be a super model instead. Looks like im not the only person who thinks you look like Angelina

  5. LOL. Thanks. Which posts? I post so many randomly everywhere i dont know which one youre talking about

  6. keep it up. You might be a doctor some day :)

  7. Happy Bday...

  8. Good post bro. I hear you on the whole scars thing

  9. you look like you came out of a vegetarian commercial :P

  10. haha. Nah. that was just the icebreaker. You are much cuter than the monalisa.

  11. hey. u look like a modern day monalisa :)

  12. when i go to london ill take some pics for you. someones been watching too much tudors.

  13. Don't worry ok? You think too much. You'll be clear in no time and 20 years from now, you'll still be healthy like me :). For being Russian your english is better than mine :)

  14. so how does it feel to have million dollar skin? dont forget the people with $2 skin now. UK over So Cal? Forreals?

  15. Are you kidding? So cal is one of the best places in the world. I asked about London because I planned on going to London to see Dr. Khan. I have never been to the UK.