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  1. HUGE improvement GBL. Im happy for you. I am going in for subcision on Canada this weekend and I will try to persuade MC clinic to start offering Re Cell treatments since it is already approved for use in Canada.
  2. DAMN. who's the new girl?

    1. Vanbelle


      DAMN. This sounds familiar?

  3. you can ask him the questions if you want, but i think my question is flawed. Whether stem cells are adeqaute or not should be case by case basis. For some it might be adequate, for others it might not be.
  4. the unit has switches. you can use whatever light you want independantly. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use them with a topical.
  5. Go with the red, infrared, and yellow light combo. i just recently purchases one myself. I had another brand before. it's pretty good.
  6. Hey Kristabel. The microdroplet technique is derived from the BOTOX microdoplet technique. It's a more refined and gradual technique with the philosophy , "It's better to under correct than over correct." I'm sure Dr. Khan has alot of pratice from offering his "baby botox" treatment. Give it a shot and we'll go from there. Did he ever discuss pricing with you? Whatever you do, you should compliment it with your own LED therapy to speed up the processes. I might do a separate thread o
  7. LED for scars alone? I highly doubt it will be effective. Maybe you can see some improvement as people use it for wrinkles, but you would hav eto be super dedicated for a long period. When you create damage (ex dermarolling, subcision) , cells are triggered to repair. That's when you should give them the fuel to do their job. The led man site is correct. Probably just easier to buy the 3 light (red, infrared, yellow) all in one.
  8. Think of LED red and infrared light as a source of energy for cells to do their thing. However, it would be nice if the cells had a mission, so you need some damage done first so your body can tell the cells what to do. You can do LED light therapy by yourself. You need to do it fairly often so going to a clinic to do it probably won't be effective. Get units from LEDman
  9. on,they wouldnt provide stem cells for scar treatment. So you spoke to them already? What did they say? What about Isolagen (laviv)?
  10. There are 2 oils that I know of that are said to improve scarring/ stretchmarks. Tamanu oil and Camelia oil. Not sure it that helps. Camelia oil is probably the more pleasant of the 2.
  11. Contact them Wei. They have everything you need. they are legit and the only clinic in beijing authorized to offer stem cells from my understanding.
  12. It's more of an inside joke. She's actually very shy and doesn't respond well to these type of compliments. I'm just pushing her buttons. There's a picture of her without makeup somewhere, but I'll leave it up to her.
  13. Hey Wei. You are lucky to be in China. I think there's a clinic in China that offers the best treatment for our scarring. http://www.aoluosi.com They do offer Laviv (isologen) treatment with added stem cells and they also offer cultured stem cells treatment. Talk to Professor Zhang From the explanations I was given, the treatment options for acne scars at Aoluosi are quite comprehensive and can include: An improved version of the original Isolagen that include using s
  14. Hey Wei. Are you in China right now or the U.S?
  15. Oh and in regards to Dr Khan's infamous reputation ........ it is partly because of the dramatic improvements he's had in Ernesto's case and NO improvement in Faizal's case lol. He's also very expensive, which adds to the mystery and at the same time, some view him as a charlatan for how he dealt with Faizal. Doctors aren't the best businessmen. However, that does not necessary mean he's not a skilled doctor at the forefront of cutting edge treatments. He has an impressive armamentarium for tr
  16. Hi Kristabel. It's ok. We'll give it another shot when you visit him again. We'll be much more prepared this time . How much do you know about PRP? Is he planning on doing PRP and fat grafting as 2 separate treatments on the same day or is he somehow combining the PRP (blood) and fat into one solution before injecting? PRP will be beneficial. How beneficial is what we need to know. I can give you more details if you don't know what PRP is or what it's intended to do. I see you've done you fa
  17. Hey Frankie, She's absolutely right. We're all in the same boat trying to look for solutions. The level of scarring does not matter as much... the challenge of finding the right treatment and doctor is nearly the same. With a $500 budget, you can start with self dermarolling or dermastamping combined with LED therapy. Look for a thread by Lamarr on this. this is actually effective if you are dedicated enough. And you probably won't be down for very long, which you will need being a college s
  18. Roller

    My case

    I totally agree with above ^. Regardless of level or scarring, the challenge to finding a solution is pretty much almost the same and probably equally as frustrating. We're all in the same boat.
  19. GBL. Might want to consider some daily LED therapy during the meantime. Should boost results.
  20. $$$$ million dollar skin $$$$ Dollyjoon is even more impressive without make up.
  21. Roller

    My case

    My scars are similar to his, I just have more of it and on my forehead as well. I've had them since i was 16. I didn't feel it changed much when i got older. Im 31 now. Its probably improved because of topicals, peels etc., but on its own? Definitely didn't feel like it. I wouldn't do anything risky (ex laser) if I were you. Dermaroll and LED therapy are cheap and effective solutions for you right now.
  22. I think a case can be made for better results when combining Re-Cell with any procedure. Re-Cell has been used to treat burn victims without laser, so Re-Cell is effective in its own right for surface improvement. By itself for scars ?? .... there's no case that i know of. I guess you can make an argument that Re-Cell or laser treatments judged independantly are not as effective as most would like. However, when the two treatments are combined, you can't help but notice synergistic improvement