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  1. Hey girls, I hope everyone in this thread is doing great! You guys were such a great support for me when I was struggling with my acne. I have FINALLY done a 1 year update on my Spiro log (link in signature). I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone here, hope you are all doing well. Shortee
  2. 1 year, 2 months on Spiro! My gosh, I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote! I have got completely caught up in school lately it has been just crazy. Well, I will get right to the point. I went and saw my derm again in September because I needed to get my Rx renewed. He saw my skin was still going great and renewed my prescription for another year. So woohoo! I don't have to go back for another year, which is awesome for me because it is a total hassle to get in to see him. I
  3. Ales05 ~ I would try suggesting a different BC pill to your gyn when you are there. I am currently taking Ortho Lo along with my Spiro and have had no adverse side effects. The Sprio dosage levels in Yasmin are not high enough to really do much for your acne, or so I have heard. With Ortho Lo & Spiro my periods were a little different for the first 3-4 months, but now they are back on track and very predictable. There are MANY options for birth control and I think you should discuss at l
  4. Hi Lolo ~ The wedding planning is slow right now since it's over a year away. We're working on our registry and just general planning ideas right now. We know we're going to have the ceremony and reception at my mom's house, so that much is taken care of. I hope to find a dress this summer sometime To answer your question: I haven't changed my dose since I started. My derm started me on 100mg per day, and that's what I'm on still HTH
  5. No, I didn't have any body acne before Spiro. I also didn't experience any once I started Spiro. HTH
  6. Lolo ~ Thank you! I am very excited, and can't wait until next summer! Also, to answer your questions: My internship is not going, unfortunately. It got cancelled (long story), so I'm really bummed. I'm going to try again for next summer though, which is my last chance before I graduate. I am still using Tazorac a couple nights a week. I don't get crazy peeling from it anymore, which is awesome needless to say. My redmarks are less red then when I started Taz last September, but you can
  7. Hi Kitty ~ Sorry to hear about your increased oiliness! It has been muggier and muggier here lately and I notice that I'm more oily. Depending on what type of climate you're in, it could just be the weather is making your more oily, but I don't know. Also being close to your period might be having an effect. I know my skin changes as my period comes and goes, which it is coming for me next week, too. Always a joy.. I am taking Spiro. I order mine online at drugstore.com, but they requir
  8. Leigh ~ if you haven't already, check out the long Spiro thread on here (17 pages!!). There is a link in my signature. There are a few long-term users and some short-term. You should find it helpful Also, I am so glad that my log has helped you! I need to update it soon!
  9. Oh my gosh we have so many new gals on this thread, it's awesome! I am so behind on this thread! I am so glad to see all the new faces on this thread - all these wonderful ladies on here have helped me so much and it's so nice to find more people that are going through the same things - very supportive group we have here I hope you gals are all doing well and that your acne is going away! I posted a new update in my log this morning. You know I was thinking, I am always curious what other
  10. Lolo ~ I hope that things are continuing to progress for you so that you can start on Spiro soon. I have my fingers crossed for you that you have good results! To answer your questions: My acne pre-Spiro was not particularly severe, but it was most definitely constant. I had cysts all the time on my chin and jawline. Just when I thought it was going away I'd get another breakout. It was always worst the week before my period, and then I'd have a few precious days of clear skin afterwards
  11. Hi Lolo ~ The best advice I can give you is just to be patient with it and take your doctor's dose as he/she instructed. Don't get impatient at week 6 and up your dose on your own or anything like that. It took me 4 months before I saw the results I wanted, and I've been basically clear for the past 3+ months! When I went in for my initial 3 month visit my doctor wanted to try something else, but I said, "Let's give Spiro another 3 months". He agreed, and I am so glad I decided to wait lon
  12. Depending on your age, there is also a drug called Spironolactone that is used to treat hormonal acne in women. There are links in my signature if you'd like to learn more If you haven't tried birth control, that is also an option, as mentioned above. Good luck to you!
  13. Month 7 Heya, yes I am still on 100mg. I had a few pimples around the time of my period, but all of them were gone overnight pretty much when I dosed them with Tazorac. I am so happy with how clear I am. I just got back from visiting family over Spring Break and they commented on my skin, which was wonderful. This reminds me I need to call my derm and ask for a refill
  14. I hope things are turning around for you! Hang in there