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  1. OW :[ This really, really hurts. I can feel the bump from the inside of my mouth even if I just lightly run my tongue over it. Even if I don't press it, I can feel it throbbing (tmi i know) and it just kills. Aaaaah this is what the meds were supposed to get rid of ._.
  2. Day 1: I woke up this morning with a zit the size of a tack on my chin. It was extremely painful, I ended up popping it while eating because I accidentially pushed against the spot with my tongue. I now have another painful nodule-like bump, also on my chin, plus one on the side of my nose. Oi. As for the medications, I like the way differin makes my skin feel all smooth.The benzaclin and the desonide lotion are ok. Overall I'm still worried about the massive chemical content of the substances I
  3. just put on the differin and lotion. at the moment i have 5 active pimples, all of which are red, inflamed, and tender/painful to touch. as of now, though, the rest of my skin is really really smooth and nice looking. i'm dreading the IB, though.
  4. Hey good luck! I'm on Differin 0.1% too :3 only I use the gel.
  5. So, some of you may remember me. I finally got around to going to the dermatologist, and he perscribed the following: cetaphil soap benzaclin - am desonide lotion - am differin gel 0.1% - pm cerave moisturizing cream I just picked up my prescription and I must admit, I'm kind of worried. I have always preferred using natural products; the Differin is chockful of methylparaben and the desonide lotion is basically a steroid in a base of SLS and mineral oil! It almost makes me feel even worse. Wh
  6. I got a pimple in my nose the other day! Maybe it has something to do with the weather? (it's winter here) But when I was it I was pretty much like "omg this is ridiculous" haha good luck~
  7. This thing on my nose is ridiculous. My skin is nearing the standards of the breakout I had using Dr. Bronners Also, I'm not sure I like this toner, it seems to leave a sticky residue.
  8. Great, I have a painful under-the-skin zit on the side of my nose, and two tiny pustule-type things on the other side. I really hope this rose water isn't breaking me out >.< I haven't used the brightening extract in a while, either, I suppose.
  9. Well, that was stupid. I couldn't find the Origins stuff because my mum took it with her on a business trip so I thought, hey, I'll try toothpaste! It made my active pimples worse. These three tiny little red bumps I had on my cheek are now much bigger. Plus I have two new ones on the side of my nose and another on my chin/jawline. Argh. I did, however, figure out why my acne was flaring up so much. I hadn't exfoliated in a whole week. I used this Aveda shammy and hopefully it will help.
  10. I had a bit of a flare up yesterday, all of my active pimples turned into pustules plus another one showed up. I used the Origins stuff, this morning one is totally gone (although it left a red mark in its place) and the white bits are getting smaller on the other two but they are still there. Re reading that, it sounds really disgusting. Also, I have just discovered the magic of MUA's swap section. I have SO many products that I have barely used and wasn't able to return, so this would be a goo
  11. Day 1 of my new regimen: My skin is starting to calm down a little bit. I would say at the moment I have moderate acne; maybe 3 active pimples but still bumpy and red all over the place. Meh.
  12. Yeah, up until this past week I was resistant towards going, but I can't let my skin get much worse without permanent damage . . . which I am actually already starting to see, I'm getting really bad post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and some of it doesn't seem to be going away. After researching I am leaning towards a low-dosage antibiotic or birth control, because I'm not sure my skin could handle any more topical treatments. I have a friend who cleared up her acne/rosacea with the help of a
  13. Ugh, I give up. I've been using this regimen for aout a month now and my skin looks worse than ever. Any suggestions would be appreciated :S
  14. Atm I have about 4 active pimples, plus tonnes of clogged pores all over my face. The ones on my chin (surrounding the bumps) are quite bad. I feel terrible :S
  15. OH MY GODD. I have three painful under the skin pimples on my chin. I've been using the aspirin mask lately, and tried adding turmeric today because it's an anti imflammatory. I now have a HUGE red spot (looks like the makings of a cyst) on my forehead. I honestly do not know what to do at this point.