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  1. yep, i can relate to this. Thing is, it's not my acne that's holding me back, as i have very little acne now, it's just more the thought of socialising. Don't get me wrong, I like meeting new people, but in moderation. I was invited to a party yesterday, and the thought of having to make small talk for four hours pretty much put me off going. However, I've already decided that I have to go out this weekend, so im mentally preparing for the inevitable inane chatter...
  2. I was looking more for sympathy... *rolls eyes* lol... Sympathy and crying about it won't bring her back, sorry. hhmmm. we'll see about that...
  3. i had a girlfriend - she dumped me last week. I thought we were really good together, but apparently 'we had nothing in common'. Girls suck.
  4. Phew, bet you wish you hadn't started this post now...
  5. i bought it, but decided that i'd prefer to live a little with acne than sacrifice all of life's luxuries as he suggests
  6. im talking about the whole deal, completely new genes (so you could well end up with acne again lol...)
  7. quite simply, it has to be hydroquinone, right? I mean, that is the most effective de-pigmenting cream. Unfortunately i don't speak from experience - im far to scared to try it myself, but i read (somewhere on this site) that it can reduce melanin production up to 90%!! Thats a serious amount, considering other treatments such as kojic acid aim at possibly 20-30%. What i can tell you, this from personal experience, is that i haven't had a lot of success with anything. Basically, my first bou
  8. alright, recently ive been thinking about this question a bit, as i consider all of my physical defects (inc acne), and just life in general... If you had the chance, would you hit the theoretical 'genetic reset' button? I haven't quite decided on the specifics, but it would run something like this... Basically, you would go back to the moment of your conception, and have the experience again, meaning that your genetic code would turn out differently. You would then have to live your life aga
  9. yep, life's a bitch. If it makes you feel any better, im in probably a worse situation - i eat/live pretty healthily, but even then i dont seem to be able to control the raging acne. And i have loads of pigmentation, so even when my acne goes, ill have to deal with that for a few more years. Yay!! Ah well, it's the hand ive been dealt, and i try to be grateful for all the good things in my life instead. P.s. I also, like masg, suffer from a distinct lack of 'butterfly days'...
  10. I kinda agree with 'Vanzzz'. Im not that sad i got acne; once i figured out that no-one but me cares, i got on with life. ive learned lots about myself, but ive also learned loads about others, and realised that people are way less superficial than we think they are. Yet, i feel that by now, ive learned all that im going to - i appreciated just how good clear skin is - but im still stuck with masses of pigmentation, along with some acne, that may take years to go. But i guess you gotta take
  11. ive tried loads of things for my pigmentation, with limited success. Ultimately, time is the only healer, but there are things you can do to speed up the process, such as peels. atm, im using Meladerm; ive used it before without success, but this time im using it exactly as they instruct, and hopefully ill start seeing some results in the coming weeks. If you've got any questions, please ask!
  12. having clear skin wouldn't nearly be enough for me. Don't get me wrong it would be great, but even now, with all my pigmentation, i worry about other aspects of my appearance more than my skin. But how we look is in our genes, and im slowly realising it's easier to accept it now, as it's never gonna change.
  13. aww! i was kind of sad to read that. the upside is that it's often not true - boys wont always just like you because of your appearance. 60% of human communication is through body language, so chin up! And even if people do initially judge by physical features (as is human nature to do), then im always amazed by how quickly we forget other people's faults, especially superficial ones. My best friend has had bad-ish acne for years now, way longer than me, yet i couldn't care less - who know