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  1. I don't have any suggestions for you, but I just wanted to say that I have the same problem. I use Acne Klear which has a 2.5 BP lotion and 6 BP spot and that makes them "scab". I do not believe, however, that these are really scabs.
  2. I used Differin for many many months with no change in my acne at all. Bp has made my skin clear and wonderul tho
  3. I ttly kno what ur saying And I can help. 1. This is my insentive not to pick: every time up scratch, pop, squeeze a pimple u release bacteria that causes acne under ur skin. U will get more in the sma place not to mention scaring and ugly scabs. Try playing with clay while ur on the comp to keep ur hands busy and cut ur nails every 2 wks or so. 2. think about how ur skin will look in the morning if u dont use the bp. I have had this prob b4 and finally I just put a paper on the back of my door
  4. NO TOOTHPASTE! NO COCOA BUTTER! NO PICKING!!! toothpaste is supposed to dry out the pimples and some do but some ppl are allergic to it and it cause them to get worse, so no. Cocoa butter is way to oily, I would suggest clean and clear night soft oil free mousturizer (for day too) it got rid of my scars and keeps my skin clear. Picking causes bacteria that causes acne to be released under ur skin and cause terrible acne. neutrogeana or clearasil BP are both good (no equate it has bad ingredien
  5. yep, i agree. and not only will it leave a nasty scar but u are also relesing the bacteria under the skin every time u do that causeing a cycle of acne
  6. yes, white light is the worst and flashes on some cameras. stress only makes acne worse so I would suggest using a yeloow light when u wake up in the morning to make u more confident or have the light at ur back. This way u aren't stressing the whole day about ur acne plus I find that I am more fun and outgoing when Im not worried about what ppl think about my skin
  7. ppl who pop their pimples find that they get ones in the exact sme places because when u pop a pimple u release the bacteria under the skin (or even if you scratch or push on a pimple). Ppl who have bangs get acne on their forhead due to the bangs. IDK bout shaving (as I am a female), but ppl say that causes acne. I have had my acne migrate but it is caused by bangs and I used to only spot treat and so i would clear out the the spot treated pores so the bacteria would go else where :/
  8. I am very much so against biore!!! I have a reason, medical too :). Biore tends to put bad ingredients into their cleansers that will clog ur pores. Becuase it take a few weeks for a clogged pore to become a pimple the rest of the ingredients have time to make ur skin look good before u see (in this case) the new black heads. this site has a list of ingredients and how much they clog pores and irritate skin:www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm#inglist
  9. I have to agree with lemonsandlimes about the vitamin D. It is worth looking into
  10. hmm... I asume that ur moustiurizer is water based. am i correct?? if so it is not doing a great job of moustirizing. another thing is how hot are ur showers and how long? this can be casuing ur skin to flake. when my skin ends up like this I use an apricot scrub (dont scrub hard just gently w/ finger tips)(target brand has no bad ingredients ive checked) and I use clean & clear night (yes during the day too) soft oil free moisturizer. It also has no bad ingredients and keeps my skin soft an
  11. Yes sleep affects acne!! the mousturizer I am using now claims to help keep pores open at night so oil and dead skin cells cant get trapped. It has not caused me any probs and I have been using it for 3 wks. it is clean & clear night soft oil free mousterizer (like $7). worth a try.
  12. I would mousturize if it feels dry because if you become flakey u will get more acne. and even tho mousturizers sya wont clog pores, oil free, and derm tested dont trust em!! check out this site, it was a life saver for me (really it was). I had really bad cosmetic acne due to my wash and mousterizer. This site tells u how much chemicals clog pores and irritate skin:www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm#inglist
  13. ice, BP, and (I know this sounds crazy but I have tried it and it works great) if you have green tea bags put it in some hot water, take it out and then apply the bag to the pimple for about 15 mins. another thing to remeber is to not take long hot showers as that will increase the size of the pimple. Umm and if you want a quick fix before school on tues you can crush up some asprin and make a paste w/ water and apply that to it to reduce red and inflimation (kinda like ice) it only works for a
  14. the best way to get rid of them is by sticking a litle nedle in it even if theres no head acnee on top of the lip always has shit in it but no one quote me on this this is wat i do and the next day there will be a litlle scar will last 1 more day but u can conile it verey easy .. oh no!! don't do that pls ! poping pimples (or sticking needles in them) not only makes you scar, but it also causes the bacteria to be relesed into the skin. that is why some ppl find that their pimples come bac
  15. lip acne can also be caused by chapstick or lipgloss. I am using BP and I know that it makes my lips really dry so I apply chapstick and some of them do make me break out along my lips, but i have found that burts bees and carmex do not .