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  1. crystal: Good to hear that u are clearing!
  2. timehealsall: How i wish i can avoid extractions but i realised that the zits would continue to get more inflammed if my doc left it untouched..I do hope that the breakout would be lesser and those marks would heal... And oh.. I have not started using differin yet… I am contemplating to do so... so afraid that i'll purge more with differin..
  3. I'm just so tired.. feeling so lethargic and i can barely keep my eyes open.. Was sick yesterday and not doing any good today either.. sorry, for being random.. i just feel so lost n unhappy ='((
  4. gtturbo2: My derm says im improving but i really CANT see any improvements myself. The extractions that was done 2 days ago were HORRIBLE and im spotting red marks now. It seems like viscious cycle. Its either they get extracted out of my skin.. or they remain underneath my skin and risk inflammation. Either way, i'm sure i died a little inside.. =(( As advised by my doc, i'll b using differin end of the week. My doc is still reluctant to bump up my dosage.. Lets just pray. i really really wa
  5. Tonite is a painful night.. When i saw my reflection in the mirror now, i just cant believe thats me.. scarred, red and ugly how i wish this is just a nightmare that would soon be over.. Im really in pain =((
  6. Jay: Wow.. u are making such progress. Only 1 month and u are clear?? Congrats!!
  7. ^really? Hmmm.. but i'll be getting that book to read anyway. It might not help, but im hoping to at least get myself distracted instead of worrying abt my face the whole time.. Ok.. so i've got my extractions done last night and as usual.. today (and i think for many weeks or even months henceforth) was TERRIBLE. The marks are making me cringe.. arghhhhhh But im glad that at least my jawlines feels much smoother now. I've asked my derm to up my dosage but she still refuses to bump me up. Ins
  8. Was your acne very mild when it came back? My acne has come back as well. Is the 20mg weekly helping? 13owman: My doc says is mild but i think not. Perhaps u can check out my log and judge for yourself. I do hope the 20mg weekly is helping.. Right now.. im still having breakouts but im praying its just a purging phase which should subside as time goes.. *pray* chensg: How have u been doing??
  9. gtturbo2: All i can say is, hang in there and have hope! Not many ppl are on low doses like us. Majority of tane users take accutane daily. But, lets just pray for the best to happen!! Take care!
  10. Crystal841: It took me 3 months for the large ones to gradually decrease in size and eventually by the 4th month, the large ones disappeared. By the 5th month, i was already quite smooth. gtturbo2: 60mg? i see.. I was thinking if i should be bumped up to 40mg per week.. Lets just hope n pray for miracles! I'll be seeing my derm again today for some extractions. The last extraction i had was a few weeks back and they have since settled down. But butttt.. now im like having another string of c
  11. so that zit with pus finally came off during shower this morning. And before i know it.. another one emerge at another spot.. and that is on top of the countless skin bumps im having right now!!!!! I really wonder if 20mg per week would work for me at all......pls prayyyyyyy for me..
  12. Crystal, i totally understand what u are going through now. I think in fact, 40mg might work better for you. I've been trying to get a higher dose from my derm but she refused. I rather up my dose and get it over and done with, rather than on long term ultra low dose.. =((
  13. whitney, hang in there and Good luck with your course!
  14. This is so exasperating!!!! One of my zits have developed pus on sat night and sunday morning the pus came right off when i was cleansing my face. I thought its good since the gunk have came out of my skin. Who knows this morning, it seems that there are still some gunk inside the pore and now it is literatlly growing pus again!!!!1 ARGHHHHHHHH