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  1. just an update. still using the cleanser and still getting the same awesome results i hope other people see this who are struggling to find effective cleansers that don't irritate more sensitive skin.
  2. hey i just bought this today. my skin is VERY sensitive when I use the wrong kind of cleanser; too much salicylic acid dries me out, none makes me break out, too much alcohol irritates, etc etc. so i went online and searched for washes with anything less than 2% salicyclic acid and no alcohols and voile. i've always liked Noxzema because it never dried my skin out but i couldn't use it consistently because (again) the lack of any SA made me breakout. i've only washed my face with it once but i
  3. thanks for the quick responses! i know its like my skin is angry with me now for not going through the full cycle the first time. i'll just have to keep reminding myself and looking at pictures of how great my skin looked to get through the months of dry skin and achy joints soon to come good luck to you too moosie! stick it out, we know its worth it in the end
  4. hi angy! i saw you visited my profile. i feel your pain, trust me, i've had acne since i was 14 too and never talked about it before now.

  5. ok so this time last year almost to the day i started taking accutane (claravis 30mg). i took it for about 2 1/2 months and then (well now in retrospect i can say stupidly) stopped because i was tired of the side effects and my skin was clear. and it stayed clear til about this past may. allll summer long i've had skin problems. so i want to do another cycle of accutane and really stick it out this time. will they let me or do i have to wait a certain amount of time in between cycles?? i have an