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  1. i dont know why, how or what i can do about my face because it just all of the sudden broke out in may, and it hasnt stopped. i had my acne under control for the last few years and now all of the sudden im breaking out again! im in tears and cannot stop crying i go to school in a different province and came to alberta for the summer to be with my parents and thats when it started.. i also started exercising in may, biking everyday ive tried new products over the last few months to try and clea
  2. ive tried the pore strips and theyre such a waste of money..they get rid of the blackheads for a short time but a little while later theyre back again and sometimes worst..ive also used a cleanser of theirs a long time ago but i dont remember the name of it but i remember it burning my face pretty bad, im thinking of getting their moisturizer with spf 30 but im not sure yet cuz i dont want to waste my money on crappy products, has anyone tried biore products? what do u suggest? im looking into a
  3. hey everyone, my acne problems are under the skin and blackheads,,..the clogged pores under the skin sometimes but not always emerge into blackheads or pimples that i can later pop. i tried benzoil peroxide in proactiv and spectro jel formulas and both made my skin much worst. i currently use spectro jel face wash (does not contain BP), spectro jel salicylic acid pads and complex 15 moisturizer..my regime isnt bad, it helps with the monthly breakouts and keeps my skin fresh but i think i need to
  4. i heard this aswell, did you hear this for salicylic acid aswell?? i'm still trying to figure that out because i quit BP for that reason but i'm still using salicylic acid wipes
  5. i've heard many bad things about long term use of benzoyl peroxide: -if you quit down the road, (months/years later), you will break out severely because your face has adapted to benzoyl peroxide -BP may cause cancer -it can make your face worst then it was before -it can stop the process of growing out of acne as you get older when i read these, it was just the last piece of information i needed before deciding to quit for sure. i know some of you think i am quitting too early but i jsut don