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  1. anybody else have real bad scarring on their back? what have you tried (and what has worked)? can you get laser surgery on your back, if so what is the strongest?
  2. i wish i had a better anwer for you, but i have the same type of scarring on my back and its been about 3 years as well. I tried 50% peels, and some IPL laser treatments at my derm and nothings worked.
  3. i tried a few sessions, was a complete waste of $-- didnt really do anything
  4. i'd think the opposite actually, that house is basicly a huge TV set and it lighted with the same lites used on TV sets which actually mask many imperfections (after all would you really want to see the size of the pores on the guy reading the 5 o clock news?)
  5. the simple answer as to why all these places have flourescent lights is that they are WAY cheaper to run then regular filiment based bulbs so thats why many industrial settings use them, because it saves big bucks on the energy bill
  6. he's way too expensive and could really give a fuck less about any of his patients, i waited for 2 1/2 hours in his office on a number of occasions...def better off finding another doc
  7. I went to Dr Rappaport for some TCA peels and like someone else said felt that he kind of rushed me in and out of the office, and all the times I was there I waited over 2 hours...definately would look into other Doctors.
  8. i had a series of 4 IPL treatments on my back and honestly it did nothing for my marks. I found chemical peels to be MUCH more effective and tremoundously cheaper.
  9. i went to him and he did 25% tca peels on my back, 3 of them and charged me about $2500 for them...thought he was a total rip off
  10. has anybod around here had it done and can recommend a doctor??
  11. anybody notice that even after 2 or so weeks after doign a TCA peel that your scars still look redder then they did before?
  12. it will go away, but it mite take a long time. when i was about 8 i feel off a scooter and smacked my chin rite on the sidewalk...i probably shoulda got stitches, but i thought i was a tuff guy and just left it alone and by the time my parents saw it was too old to get stitches anyway. long stroy short it scammed over and left a NASTY red/pink mark that over about a year or so faded and now i cant tell you where that cut was if i tried, so dont fret it will heal, kids heal way faster then we d