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  1. "but thousands and yes indeedy millions of years ago there weren't no cookers so it would've been raw baby! " Actually, Lollypolly, the above statement is not entirely true, although there was not cookers in the modern sense, humans have been, reportedly, cooking their food for around 500,000 to 800, 000 years ago. Some say approximately, 1.9 million years ago :http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/08/990810064914.htm I think that's what the original poster was referring to. Also in terms
  2. This is an excellent post, and I agree totally. I especially liked this part, and I think it is key in establishing a diet: "More important than your macro nutrient ratio, is the quality of the food you are eating. Choose food that would have been consumed thousands, if not millions of years ago. Don't eat food that sits in a colorful box on a shelf. "
  3. I'm not sure if your comments were aimed at my post, fiddler, I may have misunderstood you. However, I did specify that my diet was achieved through personal experimentation. I also mentioned that eca1210 would go through a process of experimentation at first to establish the diet that works: "When you start out there will be a lot of experimenting (at least there was for me) to find out what your body can tolerate. " I can only speak from my own experience, which will, naturally, be personal
  4. Personally I go by the philosophy that you shouldn't eat anything our bodies are not designed to digest, aka things our hunter and gatherer ancestors did not eat. I second that. Try to stay away from processed foods. I would also recommend eating green vegetables daily, and omega 3 fish. When you start out there will be a lot of experimenting (at least there was for me) to find out what your body can tolerate. For the first week try to keep it consistent so that if you do introduce other s
  5. I don't think it was rancid. I think a huge factor was that when I took the cod liver oil my diet hadn't changed, so perhaps it wasn't enough to combat the negative side effects of what I was eating. I have not tried it againin a while, I tried evening oil primrose, and flax seed oil pills, it wasn't successful for me. Maybe pills works for some but not others.
  6. That is a good idea, having a checklist. The only thing I would add would be make sure you are eating enough omega 3 fish. I find that this dietaryvchange has helped me to address points number 2,3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Eating losts of sardines and salmon is definitely the way to go. I have noticed that some people who change their diet, and do not notice a significant change in their acne are not incorporating omega 3 fish daily. In terms of whether the oil or the fish is better, I use to take cod l
  7. I would not say that the oil cleansing method alone is a cure for acne. I believe that any treatment or cure for acne must deal with the internal problems within the body that are causing such problems to arise in the first place. I use the oil cleansing method in conjunction with following a healthy eating plan, which includes daily eating of omega 3 fish and following the paleo diet, plus drinking lots of water. I would not suggest OCM as a quick fix or cure all for acne. I use the OCM as a w
  8. fortunately, i dont have much scarring. i have a few (like 3-4) red marks on one cheek that have been there for like over 18 months (no doubt the use of topicals contributed to that). Im not sure if they have changed. I have given up on them anyway. Imagine if they healed? That would be interesting Yeah that is what I would like to find out. By following paleo diet, having omega 3 fish every day I have clear skin, I am just waiting to see if it will effect scars, my skin tone has already impro
  9. Yeah, I've hit the essential fatty's for while now. I use to get in through flax, but now through straight up cod. It kind of doesn't show a lot of difference, though I'm sure it's good for me. What's this oil cleansing method you're doing? So what exactly is your diet at the moment? Also it does depend what type of omega 3 fish you have. I use sardines or wild alaskan red salmon tinned or in a packet, check the nutrition detail to see if it has omega 3 and that it's the real deal) Thi
  10. I was quite interested in this then I heard it has semolina which is gluten (reminded me of salmonella), but this is actually quite good for you, if it is unenriched it has: Thiamin Vitamin B12 Niacin Vitamin B6 Folate Calcium Iron Magnesium Potassium Phosphorous Zinc I got this on wikipedia so I'm not sure if its reliable, but if it is organic and unenriched, then it should be ok. I wish I could see the ingredient list and nutrition content for the barilla pasta I'm gonna see if it is at my
  11. I don't know if you have tried incorporating omega 3 into your diet. I have two servings of omega 3 fish per day with green vegetables, as well as following the paleo diet, I drink lots of water, and treat my skin with the Oil Cleansing method. I cannot stress enough the importance of omega 3 fish, I also have flax seeds which are another natural source of omega 3. If you haven't already you should check out the omega 3 fish oils thread. Or google omega 3 and acne.
  12. I use this method, it is fantastic. The only other method which compares is the baby brush method. Basically when I started using this method I decided to use a 50/50 ration of extra virgin olive oil and pure castor oil. I used a teaspoon of each in my hand then massaged the mixture into my skin, and follow the directions of the method. My skin use to be very oily, but now it is not oily at all, this method has definitely regulated my oil production so now I find I can just use the extra virgin
  13. I hope this experiment goes well for you, when I changed my diet I also stopped using topical solutions and just splashed cold water on my face and let it air dry, changed pillowcase every day etc and noticed a huge improvement (I am not sure if it was due to diet alone or combined with skin care regime). However I noticed after a few days that I would get flaky skin dead skin cells and so I used the baby brush method. Now I am using the oil cleansing method which is working very well so far,
  14. I know exactly what you mean, I have noticed that my body is much more intolerant, or sensitive to unhealthy foods. If I stray from my healthy diet, and have 3 cookies, or if I have a bowl of cereal with milk and sugar, or if I have a couple slices of pizza, my stomach feels like there is a thousand needles piercing my insides. The next day I notice the consequences on my skin. It is kind of disheartening because I feel like I can't even indulge a little or my body will let me know about it. I
  15. Oh ok. Does anyone know what exactly the pasta is made out of. I tried looking through the site, obviously that didn't go well, lol. Ah ok, so Egg Whites Legumes chick peas lentils and Multigrain Still not sure on exact quantities though.