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  1. thanks for sharing that! now i know what i have lol great well i just ordered some sulfur soap i hope it does good!
  2. were sucking, i really dont no how to stop this sh** jus try usin cream on a daily basis the reason its bad for me, is cuz i wear a vest alot since i am in teh army and it irratates more n more i jus ordered sulfur soap, so ill see how that works out
  3. well see i cant get it treated im in the army station in korea and they dont have no dermatolgist or jack shi*t all they give me is some cream n i was readin that H&S thing but i dont have pimples there bumps thing or whatever n about that salt how does that work?
  4. hey guys im having trouble w body acne, on my chest and upper back. the problem is, there not like pimples or anything ordinary, there like bumps that dont pop, they jus look like boils raising my skin, its been like that for nearly 3 months now, heres some pics of it ---------------------- chest acne bumps on my back >< back scars ---------------------- talk about how acne cant ruin your life theres times i jus wanna fckin kill my self i cant live like this, its too hard not to go